How to go to Instagram with the PC via mobile web, through "Facebook"

In 2010, suddenly became popular app Instagram, has gained popularity due to the ability to share photos with friends and edit them directly from your mobile device.Very quickly, the platform has grown to the scale of a single social network, and then, as we know, Facebook's got it for a billion dollars.

This beautiful success story known to many of us also for the reason that all of our friends, spending time on social networks, suddenly became post links to your profile in the "Inst."And now, sitting at the PC, and not just another mobile device, you realize you do not know how to go to the "Instagram" from your computer.Especially for you writing this article, which describe in detail what to do to get into this social network from different devices.

What is Instagram?

So little to understand the complexity of entering the account "Insta", briefly describe the essence of the project.Friends There, it was built in Facebook, only a somewhat different response (so it is best, of course, viewed from the tablet or smartphone).In this tape your friends, as well as those to whom you've subscribed, publish their photos.You can also do it if you know how to go to the "Instagram" from your computer as a phone.But that's the problem!On a computer you can not instantly publish your photos, applying to them the process by means of filters.Therefore, in the earlier stages (two years ago), users really had a problem with an input into their accounts.Now it is decided.To learn how to enter the "Instagram" from your computer (and not only) sign on.

How to go to Instagram to Android and iOS?

Let's start with the simple - the entrance to the "Inst" using mobile applications.So, to come to the platform using a tablet or a mobile phone, you need to download them from Google Play and AppStore (depending on whether you have an operating system).Then you need to install the application and log into it using the account information (if it has already been created).If your account when you do not - it does not matter too.Create it can be in two accounts, and using mobile applications.

Instagram with Windows XP, 7?

Another question - what to do if you need to use older versions of the operating system Windows, go to the "Instagram" from your computer?In this case, you have one option - is to use a public page, which allows you to enter and view photos of friends, publish their (but without the possibility of using all the filters).Plus, it should be noted that the functional site, of course, very different from the features of the application - in the latter to carry out all the tasks in the order of magnitude easier.Nevertheless sit in this social network is possible and in this way.

Another option - is to access via Facebook.Even if you simply view the news feed, you will be able to notice advertising this application.It will publish the last photos of friends, posted in the "Inst."To enter the "Instagram" from the computer through the "Facebook" of course, you must first have an account here.And then you will understand: Instagram is as a supplement to the FB, to work with him so quite convenient.

ability to go with a standard browser in a social network is only added in 2012 - before it was difficult to do because the platform is positioned as extremely mobile.

Instagram with Windows 8?

situation is a little easier in order to go to the "Instagram" from a computer running OS Win 8. Because this platform is more modern than XP and 7, it supports download applications from Market'a.Therefore, all that is required to view photos of friends and publish their own - is to establish a complement and go to him.Furthermore, virtually all happens automatically, as on the mobile platforms (therefore go to "Instagram" through the computer so without loss of functionality).

particularly convenient to work with "inst" in the presence of a touch screen.With the go, for example, the latest version of Asus, running on Windows 8.

Such applications include Wingram, Instapic, Miligram, Ratatam.Besides the fact that they can do the same thing as an official application Instagram (photo viewing, publishing tags commenting affixed "likes"), even on Win 8 (as opposed to programs in Mac OS) have the opportunity to registerin system.

Instagram with Mac OS

for Mac question of whether to go to the "Instagram" from a computer, solved even easier.In fact, it is the presence of plenty of applications that can display your tape from "Insta".This is achieved by working with a public API, which provides developers open social network.Thanks to this, by the way, generally have the opportunity to go to the "Instagram" from a computer via a mobile version, which is precisely realized in these applications.

Such amendments are many: they all have a different design, name and functional.Some are free, part - for a fee.Here are some of the applications with which it would be convenient to work on Mac OS: Instadesk, Instaview, Ratatam, Photodesk.

The differences between them lie in the design, usability and logic of those or other operations.In addition, as already noted, some add-ons are available on a fee basis, although all of them are suitable to go in the "Instagram" from your computer.

Analogs service

general analogues of the official Instagram app so much for the reason that the platform has not been implemented quickly enough single monolith - it appeared on different operating systems with a time delay.In addition, as already noted, the developers are sharing a service API, thereby expanding the possibility to work with it.

What are the pros analogues formal application?There are many, due to which you can choose the most convenient application, which will suit the design, features and will come to your operating system.In addition, the feature of "Inst" is still in the mass filter through which the user can edit their photos.Each new application offers its own set of solutions, whereby the user again, expanding possibilities for the correction of its products.

However, such diversity minus all the same - if you do not have experience with them, and do not know how to go through in the "Instagram" through the computer more convenient.Perhaps if the service has implemented a single solution, that would be more comfortable for those who can not decide.Though, this problem is more far-fetched - each alone can decide which program to use it.If it is difficult to make a choice - read reviews.

Processing photo

Also applications that provide access to Instagram, there are also sites that have similar functionality to that platform, but, in essence, nothing to do with the "Insta" no.Here you can simply edit your photos, but go to the "Instagram" from your computer (in Russian as in English) through them is impossible.Just knowing these services are needed for the simple reason that they can be faster and easier to process images.

These include: Rollip (40 presets with a mass of settings), InstantRetro (just a pretty app to create cool photo), Pixlr-o-Matic (also excellent service with cool sets) and Picplz (full court, a mixture of Twitter and Instagram).

All of these in this article applications and services easier to work with photos and allow them to share with friends.However, to use them or not - you decide.Perhaps, you are limited to standard filters "Inst" and functionality, which is available on the "classical" systems Android and iOS.