Mustard greens as a green manure - excellent harvest ripe!

green manure is good because it performs several useful functions.He holds within the roots penetrated soil nutrients, not allowing them to be washed away.Long green manure roots, get to the deep soil horizons, acts as a pump, pumping nutrients up.This contributes to the accumulation in the soil humus and improves its properties.Needless to say, how big a role in the enrichment of humus soil useful microflora.To this we add that the green mass through its organic residues into the soil nitrogen and other nutrients, decomposing faster than other organic fertilizers based fiber there.

The good white mustard

all of the above characteristics has full mustard as a green manure, more specifically, white mustard.It is good to its rapid growth.Its short growing season: before the start of mass flowering plants takes 45-60 days, until fully ripe seeds of white mustard - 80-90 days.If the development of the plant takes place at 29 ... +35 degrees, then after 37-40 days after emergence can be mowed.

Precocity mustard complemented also resistant to cold.Once the temperature rises above zero for one or two degrees, the seeds are ready to sprout.White mustard as a green manure insensitive to the late frosts to -5 degrees;Autumn 3 ... 4 + - is not a hindrance for the development of the plant.Therefore, the time period is so wide crop white mustard (end of March - mid September).

Another thing - the soil for sowing it: it necessarily has to be cultivated.The best option - sod-podzolic soil previously fertilized organic matter.A little worse for the white mustard sowing suitable loam and peat soil cultivated.Regardless of the temperature, the plant needs abundant watering in the phase of seed germination and budding.

preparation and sowing

Before sowing the mustard as a green manure in the spring, you need to calculate the time, so before planting vegetables remained a month.When the time comes for potatoes and other root vegetables, mustard green mass is cut and left in place.In summer, white mustard between rows "work" phytosanitary discouraging pests of vegetable crops.The main thing is to not interfere with the development of the latest green mass of mustard.The greatest benefit it brings, if it is sown after the harvest, until 10 August.

seeding rate on mustard green manure is 120-150 grams per one hundred square meters.But if it is planted in the furrow with aisles, a width of 15 cm. If you plan bulk, while consumption will increase to 300-400 seeds of all they should be covered with a layer of soil 2-3 cm.

and in the field, andtable

In its green mass like mustard green manure contains storehouse of minerals, including 22% organic matter and 0.71% nitrogen.The last element of it, of course, collects less than the bean plant, but in the "conversion" of poorly soluble nutrients in an easily accessible yet to be equal to her look.On the one hundred you can remove up to 400 kg of green mass of white mustard.This is equivalent to the introduction of the soil near the same weight of manure.

Essential volatile oil contained in all parts of the plant, leading to a decrease in populations of wireworms, slugs, moth, nematodes, prevent the development of fungal infections.Sown in cultivated soil as a green manure mustard suppresses weeds.However, before and after the cabbage family plants, which include white mustard, it can not be planted: the precaution not to make it a distributor of cabbage clubroot.

To complete the "commendable song" white mustard, it should be mentioned that it is an excellent honey plant, medicinal plants, and its young leaves are used in cooking.