Description Meta tag for the site: how to fill

Why do people create sites?Some need to unleash your firm or company, other - through blogs.The reasons may be different, but one thing is for sure - the art of building and promotion of the site takes time and effort.

And finally, you could build your first blog or website: decide what category it will be dedicated, determined the design and started filling.Now time has come to draw the correct meta tags "description" and "keywords".What is it and how to use them?

What is a meta tag description

If you say briefly, description - a short description of the page that a user sees snippets in the search results Google, Yandex, and so on. Snippets - display description in the search results.Although it's almost the same thing, in this article we will be able to see the difference.

In the source code of the page meta description tag is in the head of a html-code.It looks something like this:

meta name = "description" Content = "text excerpts."

After the command "content" put "=" sign and quotation marks prescribed value of this meta tag description.How to fill this field in your code html?It all depends on the content of the page and the subject site.

How to fill the meta tag description

While some decide to all pages of the site use the same ad excerpt, according to most experienced saytostroiteley, it is important for each page to register your text.Why is that?This affects the visual perception of the user.In addition, if the description is written effectively - it will attract more visitors to your site.One important point that should be taken into account, - description should not be too long or too short - on average, preferably at least 380 characters.Although, considering the results of search results, you can see the marks of 200-300, in fact, Google uses the whole passage, written by you.

Thus, concise and brief you should describe what the user will find on your site.In addition, it is necessary to make sure that he wanted to go it to you.Consider some examples of execution of advertising text.Examples


meta tag description - how to fill?To find the answer to this question, let us consider some examples.If you are the owner of the site on psychology as a description you could write something like: "Search for a psychologist, as well as tests, tips, family advice and much more."On the other hand, you can briefly describe the purpose of the site if the majority of visitors will be clear which institution or company in question.It might look like: "Moscow State University of Lomonosov."

If your site contains a music or video content, whereas in the text description should be listed, which can be downloaded from your page.There may be written: "Download movies and music for free in good quality" or "Free classic with a modern twist - 128, 196, 320. Free."

When writing the description, you can take the most "juicy" part of the article (for those who are too lazy to write own unique text for excerpts).In any case, it is important that the user got on your site the information you expect to find, and which you promised him.To learn how to fill the meta tag description, examples can remember or write down.

systems automatically generate sites

If you build a website using the constructor, then the meta description tag for the site must be entered in the appropriate field in the editor.Along with subtitles "h1", "title" and "keywords", where there is a box with the word "description".As is the case with other systems of automatic building sites, meta tag description opencart need to type in a specially reserved for this field.

incorrectly filled description

best not to use a system for generating advertising passages that automatically work with the page.Why is that?It is unlikely that you are interested in the text drawn up by the machine, because most such systems use the first few sentences of the page, and it is ineffective.Not always the first paragraph captures the essence of the material that you are offering.

The meta keywords tag is different from the description

In contrast to the description, keywords - is a list of key words necessary for the performance of your pages.However, keywords - also not the same as the user requests the key search engines - those words that entered the top Google search bar, or Yandex.However, today, "Yandex" is hardly ever used these words when issuing a search query."Google" as their spokesman said, do not pay attention to them.But the advertising excerpt description is much more important - it is seen by users, and use the search engine crawlers.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the key questions and meta tag description.If all you want to specify the keywords for the pages of your site, then in a html-code of each of them need to enter meta tag:

meta name = "keywords" CONTENT = "enter the keyword for our page."

As tagged description, it is located in the "head" of the page.Key questions

search engine "Yandex"

Well, if your advertising in a number of passage there are words that users type into the search box.To determine the statistical input requests "Yandex" it is necessary to visit the site: use the service you must register.After that, the line at the top of the page, enter your service or product.Suppose your site is about history.Enter the word "history."As a result, we see two columns: "key search" and "the number of hits per month."For example, the word "history class" looking for more than half a million times a month.Among the most frequently administered phrases can see the "story line", "horror story", "American history", "History of Russia", "Download History", "History of 6" and "5 story."In addition, Yandex Wordstat can select a region or locality for which statistics will be displayed.It is very convenient, because in different regions and cities of people may be interested in different products.

If the description-description to use the most popular search queries, you can make your website appear on the first pages of search engines.To do this, have to work hard - this is the main goal of every saytostroitelya.

Formation snippets

As we have said, we are talking about the same description-text.Search engines Bing, Yahoo! and Google for Internet users derive snippet that is specified in the meta tag description.But "Yandex" goes a little differently.E. That you write down the tag excerpts will not be shown in the field for the snippet in the search results of a particular page.How to fix it?The text of this passage can be set up in the office of the webmaster "Yandex".However, there is information on which we can not influence, as we would have liked, for example, the number of stars the hotel.To change the address data of some company or organization, you must leave a special request.In most other cases, you can manually configure your ad fragment.That is the major difference is in the delivery of results of search for "Yandex".Why do you need to know?Again, again, if we want to attract more visitors to our site.

What have we learned

So, as we have seen, one can correctly fill in the meta description tag for the site.Examples of how to do this are described in detail in this article.In addition, we are able to know what is the difference in filling excerpts search engine "Yandex" and Google.We have learned, what do you want the key requests from users and how they choose, as well as the almost complete uselessness of keywords.With all the tips listed in this article, you will be able to achieve complete success, and with more dexterity your site may even take place in the ten first that users will see the World Wide Web.Remember one thing: to promote a site once, it is important to continue to improve it further, so as not to lose the dialed rating.