The starch can be replaced - the secrets of success of good housewives

Lush homemade muffins, pancakes finest delicate, delightful airy cakes - each family has its own recipe for corporate flour dishes, which she not trade on any treasures of the world and the wonders of overseas cuisine.Technique of preparation of these small culinary perfected over the years, and the memory of soft cake, melting in the mouth, to protect and nurture the guests and the household after every dinner party or a cozy breakfast at home with his family.

It would seem that nothing can go wrong in that the nascent system for decades, but life is full of surprises, which tend to happen at the most inopportune moment.And if no flour or sugar in the preparation of a delicious cake often not enough, then without starch - it is possible.

White light powder

In order to determine what the starch can be replaced, it should be understood for what it is generally used.And this ingredient is needed to complete the task is quite simple, but very important.The use of starch in the preparation of baked dishes necessary to remove excess fluid that can not only adversely affect the taste of baking, but also much spoil her appearance, which, of course, not like any hostess.In addition, it is this ingredient that gives the dough a special ductility, which allows manufacturing of products of all shapes and consistencies.

relationship starch and waist

Even if cooking your favorite buns preceded by a long and laborious day of shopping, in which the ingredients above was bought, every woman should ask yourself the question: "And whether it is necessary?»

Baking- it is quite nutritious, and the extra inches in the waist and hips - troublesome.It is therefore not worth the extra burden favorite pretzels and pancakes by adding starch.Oddly enough, this super white powder can play a pretty cruel joke with the female figure in the excessive use, so it is worth considering over than starch can be replaced.Especially that one for this abound.

The concept is simple

If your dish is not a material embodiment of the high culinary delights, can serve as an excellent substitute for most ordinary eggs, which can be found in almost every refrigerator on planet Earth.The viscosity of the dough while still excellent, but the texture did not suffer.

eggs - that's exactly what the starch can be replaced when making pancakes and fritters.On the excess moisture in the dough, you can not worry about the taste of the end products and frying or baking will be richer and more complete.With just one egg can be replaced with two tablespoons of starch - just like that, you can solve the problem of shortage of ingredients.

Biscuit dough

proposed earlier version is great for pancakes and crepes, but the overhead cakes he did not do.Naturally the question arises: "How can replace starch in the preparation of biscuit dough?"It's simple - the most common wheat flour.Consistency in this case will only get better, and an excess of moisture can not worry.

Shortbread cookies and cakes, melt in your mouth

The starch can be replaced in such cases?It seems, especially for such cases, there is this little trick - to grind into powder coconut.Of course, this option should be used only in sweet dough - cake with cabbage or meat will be quite strange taste in the presence of "paradise of pleasure".However, in other situations, coconut is an excellent choice in case of sad "not meeting" with starch.

In this case than can be replaced by starch salt dough?Ordinary semolina, rubbed using a grinder.Whole grains can also be used, but in this case there is a chance their feelings in a language that would kill several excellent taste delicious homemade cake.

Miracle saucers

In addition to cookies, muffins and pies, starch is used in the preparation of sauces.Not only the right (thick) consistency, but also a wonderful nutty flavor to this culinary miracle, capable to set off the taste of any main course, give a very ordinary meal, pre-fried on a hot skillet.

the question: "Is it possible to replace starch in sweet sauce?" - In modern cooking, there is only one answer - naturally.Ideally suited for this thick cream or plain fat sour cream, which will provide not only the desired consistency of the product, but it was canceled, more delicate flavor.

modern cooking is a real mine of fascinating secrets, and proven by millions of housewives.Here, not only can easily learn what can be replaced in baking the starch.The real treasure of cooking skills open any owner, and to comprehend them, just ask.