You want to save?

We often complain that the money for food lacks that zaplaniruesh one amount, but actually goes the other.
And very often the reason - in the purchase of all sorts of "goodies" for which every now and then stretches a hand in the store ...

What we can refer to the category of "goodies"?

It's what gives us the opportunity to experience a strong sense of taste, and therefore not simply be satisfied and enjoy the unusual food.

All good things usually very sweet, heavily salted, heavily peppered, or both together.
If you start listing them, it is smoked, salted sauces, shops "holiday" salads that we used to have for the holidays, candy and chocolates, biscuits and mermaids and expensive exotic fruits (not in season).

Oh and if before the end of the list all the food, "joy", then here you can add the beer, chips and other related pivoraspitiyu small gastronomic pleasures, from which come into ecstasy, unfortunately, not only men but also women.

So why do you always want something to chew on?

1. Because there are products that cause dependence, ie, causing a constant desire to consume and consume them even more.
You can, for example, to give up chips when they are someone eats together?One scent immediately evokes salivation.
You know that if you constantly eat sweet, even if it's just a harmless tea with sugar, then you will constantly want sweet?
To test, try some time drinking tea or coffee without sugar, then immediately you feel that cramming stomach rolls at lunchtime is not very much and want.
know that if you eat smoked, then you will always want something sharp little.
How to check?And you try not to buy raw sausage a couple of days, and I caught myself on the fact that without it, you somehow boring.
So you still check it out on their own experience, and to stop supporting producers who "do" on your money, causing irreparable damage to your health.

2. You are constantly in stress and negative emotions dominate your life.
So, in my opinion, it is better to start drinking valerian or motherwort than zazhevyvat chips and Kirieshki problems.

3. Type a large amount of food (in the fridge and store) disables all conscious methods to control your budget.
And you have no choice but to play with the shopkeeper in the game, "you can not fool me, because I am well-fed and happy and buy only what is planned."
Either fewer trips to such places if you want to save, or to pull myself together and consciously control their shopping trips.
As for the refrigerator, then maybe we should think about that immediately after the meal to hang on him the appropriate lock?

So, if there is a strong desire to stop throwing good money after what is absolutely unnecessary to your body, the Council has established rules.

1. Do not be hungry.
This food not only nourishes, but also nourishes.
And if after a meal you still want to eat, you just fill the stomach, but did not give him a real full meal.
That is why he asks you "additives»

2. remain free from addictions and predilections.
Remember that there are lots of people who use your weaknesses in order to please himself personally.

3. Do not be upset.
in the laboratory rat, which is pressed against the tail, eats two times more.
But unless someone wants to experiments conducted on him?

4. Strictly observe the rules of money.
Nobody ever should not affect your decision to take control of the financial side of their lives.

5. Switch to your energy consumption for creation.
Find something for everyone, start to benefit, then just can not do without food - substitutes fun as you get that for a long time trying to get - the pleasure from what you do and who we are in this life.

Galina Ostrikova, author of "The Family Budget»

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