Carnival in Venice: HOW MUCH

This year's Venice Carnival nachentsya on 31 January and will last until February 17.By tradition, the carnival will open the flight of an angel, then for two days will be parades of boats on the canals of the city, and will begin on February 7 theater at San Marco Square.We decided to find out what it would cost to get to the carnival, if you book tour right now, there are only a few days before the start of the holiday.


In the early days of the carnival flight Moscow-Venice-Moscow will cost you a minimum of 17 thousand rubles with a change (Turkish Airlines, from January 30 to February 3).Direct flight - 22 883 (Aeroflot).

In the last days of the festival, which just comes the most interesting events and the main dvizhuha prices, oddly enough, exactly the same, almost independent of 14 February and weekends.So it is worth considering!

If you want to schedule a week-long trip, you can take cheap flights Transaero Airlines, which flies to Venice on Saturdays.For example, a ticket from January 31 to February 7, will cost 15,414 rubles.


said that prices in hotels of Venice at carnival time flies up.Well, on the first day extravaganza (from January 31 to February 1) Booking issued lowest price in Hotel Ariel Silva - 3628 rubles for a double room."Troika" are already on 5200, and four - from 6800.

On the last day of the festival (from 16 to 17 February), the situation is worse: the cheapest double room costs 5715 rubles.Hotel 3 stars already by 7408, but 4 stars - 10 431.

peak date as could be foreseen, February 14, Valentine's Day.On the night of 14 to 15 cheapest hotel will cost 14 500 rubles!And 88% of hotels are already booked, in principle.Thus, in one of the most romantic cities to celebrate the holiday of love will cost a pretty penny.


Those who planned to save with the help of tour operators, will most likely disappointed.The fact that Venice does not fly charter flights, so flights will offer you the same prices as metapoiskovik, or even more, given the commission agencies.Tours can be cheaper only by very cheap and distant from the city hotel.For example, in the "Pegasus" We found the tour in 109 800 rubles for two from 31 January to 7 February, which included a flight to Venice airline Transaero, as well as accommodation in the hotel 4 stars Carlton on the Grand Canal and a shuttle service.If you book it all yourself, it turns out that the hotel will cost 70 thousand rubles, and the tickets - just over 30 thousand.To get from the airport to the hotel in no case will cost 10 thousand rubles.Among Megapolus Tours cheapest option for accommodation in the hotel costs 45 thousand for two to seven days (at the Rigel Lido).


carnival big plus is that the main street events completely free!Theatrical performances, processions and even dances under the open sky.There are also festivals and dances in the old palazzo where you can get a ticket and only suit and mask.The cost of these balls starts from 145 euros.

Olga Bebekina

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