Freedom and human and civil rights

What's a person who is a citizen of a developed country?He has many duties to that state.Is it bad?No, because the state in exchange for which it provides numerous rights, without which you can not be free in every sense of the word member of society.

human and civil rights are numerous.Many of them occur at the moment of birth and can not be selected.Consider all this in more detail by the example of our state, as well as other countries.In principle, we can say that in any democratic state everything is arranged with respect to the same.

fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen

All of them can be divided into two groups, which are large enough.This is a personal and political rights of man and citizen.We'll talk about the personal.

Initially, we note that they are necessary for a person to feel part of the state.He becomes a secure and at the same time very free.The number of such rights is directly proportional to charges that carry people.

personal rights of man and citizen

The main rule is the modern individual's right to life.It implies many others.Today, virtually all of human life is recognized as the highest value, which can not be neglected.

human and civil rights include the right to personal dignity.Human personality is also valuable.Nothing should interfere with its development.Each of us should be recognized as a unique company.Hence it follows the right to security of the person.It is based on the fact that no one has any right to influence our opinion.

We have the right to secrecy (family, personal and private life).Our honor and our good name protected by the state.Oh man may be extended only to that information which does not spoil his reputation.If he does not want anything to disclose this information shall be non-disclosure.

human and civil rights include both the right to inviolability of the home.In our house without our desires can not get outsiders.Housing rights - that is what is under the special protection of the state.

We can move around freely and independently determines the place of residence or stay.Freedom of movement and the right to such actions make us more independent.

modern man can not be imposed by any religion, because we are determined with the fact what to believe.Also, we have the right to say what they think, to get reliable information.

talk about political rights.Modern people have the right to take part in government directly or indirectly.The thing that we can take part in elections, to run for any office (talking about passive and active suffrage).

important political right - the right of association.Yes, in principle, we can organize political parties based on programs, in which we believe.