How to create Icloud?

cloud storage - a new word in web technologies.Mobile interaction allows you to work with large volumes of documents to anywhere in the world and share with your friends photos and videos.In this article you will learn what is cloud storage and how in a few minutes to create an account iCloud.

What is iCloud?

iCloud data warehouse put into operation in 2011 with a new operating system for iPhone iOS 5. After testing within six months the service was made available to all users of products from Apple.

iCloud built on the principle of cloud storage of personal data, access to which is open only to registered owners of products Apple.Service allows you to save not only pictures, music tracks and videos, and data backup applications.The new technology is designed to reliably locate personal data outside the device, but have constant access to them anywhere in the world.

advantage of the service is to synchronize all the gadgets that support the operating system iOS.In other words, if a person acquires the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod Touch, it has the opportunity to register the general account and to have access to any files to the cloud for each device.The main requirement for the use of iCloud - permanent access to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

This innovative approach to storage allows to save time and minimize the use of flash drives.Now create an account iCloud can any owner of an iPhone or MacBook.

Tariff plan's iCloud Apple

Each logged on user has access to free basic rate, which provides 5 GB of cloud storage.This volume is enough to store personal photos from your phone, and copies of important documents.However, if you use iCloud purpose is to place more large files, such as, for example, films or source graphic works, we always have the opportunity to take advantage of premium services and increase the memory provided.Before creating iCloud, the user is prompted to select the appropriate tariff plan it.

20GB 200GB 500GB 1TB
39 rubles a month 149 rubles a month 379 rubles a month 749 rubles a month

The tariff plan can always change your account personal account iCloud.In addition, Apple customers are much easier and more profitable to pay via bank card immediately for the whole year of operation of cloud storage.

How to create an account iCloud?

To create an iCloud account, you need to make sure that the Apple device running the latest version of the operating system iOS, namely iOS 8. If the old version, the system will first be asked to undergo the upgrade procedure.

To create an account, you need to go to the "Settings" tab and choose «iCloud».The system asks you to enter the number Apple ID, which has been assigned with the activation of the device, and the password.Before creating iCloud on the iPhone, you should check whether the device has passed the activation of the service Apple.

For most convenient operation of cloud storage should set it in the same way on all available devices.After a simple account creation, you can start to work with the service.

However, if the device is not yet activated, the user is required to create an account allows anyone with a technology Apple is absolutely free.

Configuring iCloud

For the initial setup, you can use iCloud service startup.To do this, go to the iTunes application and select the tab "Startup", then all media files from the device will be automatically copied to the cloud.When setting up the device, you must first check your Internet connection and correct operation.

for data security in the same way, you can copy to cloud the entire phonebook, reminders and notes in the calendar and all the incoming messages.In addition, the store has lots of features to simplify the transfer of files between devices and protect their data.

example, a user is away from home, but he urgently needed a specific file with the MacBook.To do this, it is not necessary to have a device with him.So, it is enough to synchronize its work with your mobile phone and download the required data from a distance, using cloud storage.It is therefore recommended to create iCloud immediately on all devices Apple.

What family access?

function of family access to iCloud allows you to use a single account to several family members.At the moment, the family can open access to six people, and for this purpose it is not necessary to register a new account.Any member of the family can have access to file storage and access to a shared account to pay for applications.

family group access can be configured on your own.For example, choose the head of the family, who will act as administrator to monitor and family expenses.Children will be able to buy your favorite applications and games only with the permission of a parent, and their actions can be carefully controlled.Create iCloud to the family can be configured clouds.This feature will be very useful if all family members are devices Apple.

Keychain in iCloud

For ease of social networking and e-mail feature in iCloud there keychain.This is true in the case if the user has multiple devices that support the operating system iOS, and many accounts on different popular resources.

keychains enough to go to the "Settings" section, choose «iCloud» and mark the point keychain by moving the toggle switch is set to "On".After a simple setup login frequently visited sites will be available as a smartphone and a tablet PC.This will relieve the user from having to enter username and password each time you log and make access to the accounts as fast as possible.

iCloud: How to create a backup?

Nobody is protected from system failures or malfunctions associated with the technical aspects of the device.In this regard, many people are wondering about how to create a copy in iCloud.

To the future was able to recover data from your mobile phone or tablet PC, the storage has a function to back up all settings and documents.This can be done with just a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab and choose «iCloud»;
  2. In the window that opens, select the "Backup";
  3. Enable by clicking "Copy to iCloud», and then "Backup."

Thus, cloud storage saves all phone settings, which in case of failure can be easily restored.After activating the function displayed on the date when it was made the last backup.All ever made a copy will be stored on the cloud, as long as the user did not make a decision on their Destruction.

Contact iCloud

system allows you to create backup not only for phone settings, but also to the contact list.This will in a few minutes to restore the required number and address in case of technical problems or device to transfer them to another user Apple.

to save contacts to the cloud is recommended to install the application "Contacts iCloud», which is downloaded from the AppStore.With it, you can also sort the existing phone contacts to groups and importance.The advantage of using the contacts in iCloud is easy to sync with a PC that lets you find specific e-mail addresses for a few seconds.However

maintain important contacts can be just like to make a copy in iCloud.To do this, it is not necessary to install the application.

Other features of cloud storage

Another useful feature is iCloud sync with the application iTunes, which is designed to download music.When logged on user purchases a track through the application, it instantly becomes accessible on all devices Apple.

application iCloud Drive lets you store and view data in any format (PDF, doc, etc.).In other words, any downloaded file, whether image or scanned document will automatically adapt to the screen resolution, regardless of the type of device.

cloud structure allows you to create folders and categories, sort downloaded files by date and title that remotely resembles the well-known program "Explorer" in the operating system Windows.The only difference is that for downloading and opening files requires constant access to the Internet.Therefore, any owner of an Apple device to take care of a Wi-Fi or a favorable tariff plan, which provides telecommunications operator used.Otherwise it will be impossible to get access to their data on the cloud.

Mass hacking of accounts iCloud in 2014

Members have questioned the safety of iCloud cloud storage after the August 2014 there was a mass hacking of accounts of a number of celebrities.Personal photos and correspondence of some stars became available to the public.In addition, fraudsters have begun to auction personal files, demanding for them considerable sums of money.

company Apple, however, has not pleaded guilty to hacking into iCloud.Therefore, the FBI immediately launched an investigation, which is still ongoing.Lawyers celebrities have brought criminal cases against intruders seeking removal of compromising the network and compensate damages.

After this event, the popularity of the service has fallen significantly, as users began to worry about the security of cloud spread on the files.Many prefer to return to a more secure flash drives, which do not require continuous access to the Internet and remain in full confidentiality.

Can I delete an account iCloud?

Delete account as easily as create mail iCloud.Moreover, to completely destroy their personal data in the cloud hosting service can be just a few seconds.To do this, in the tab "Settings" to move to iCloud and choose "Delete account".The system will warn you that all files stored in the cloud will be permanently deleted.The user can only confirm its agreement to the destruction of data by entering your Apple ID and password of your account.

Cloud storage is certainly a technological progress in the transmission and storage of data.As with any system, iCloud has its advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, to decide whether to trust your personal information or use the remote service over the years proven hard disk drive, especially individual case.In any case, before you create a new iCloud, you need to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".