Prayers for all occasions - and in joy and in difficult times

How often do you face difficult situations?Did all the questions right answers?Rare person will answer yes to both questions.Geniuses are rare, and the problem is incomparably greater at all lacking.So what - sit idly by?Of course not.Until you have enough experience, use of prayer for all occasions.The more they help, how to operate?Let's deal.

What is prayer?

You say that it is turning to the Lord?So, I guess.Once we got used to the fact that the words they have to be exactly the same as in prayers.They need to learn, and then to say, not really understanding the meaning of their own speeches.For this to work, you need the true faith.That is the world of the individual should be based on the inviolability of religious canons.Believe me, this is achieved by great effort.But for the common man of prayer for all occasions should be simple and clear, so you can fill them with his energy.After all, the meaning of recourse to the Supreme Force is to create a relationship of his soul with them.For this, w

ords, thoughts, feelings.And unless you can not prepare it's "invest" in an obscure text?Even the "Our Father" need to start through the soul skip to comprehend and feel every word.Then you can use.By the way, if you do not know what kind of prayers for various occasions to read, remember the "Our Father" - can not go wrong.

What is more important: the words or feelings?

People seeking prayers for all occasions, sometimes do not realize that this is quite a complex tool.The fact that just pronounce the text - a waste of time.Let's say you have learned the word, understood when they pronounce, who to contact.And they apply, diamonds, like a wound, may, with the sign of the cross, and so on.Will, do you think?And then begins the "hula", which boils down to the thesis: "prayers for all occasions - a fraud."No to a dig, but to find out what wrong did.Immediately criticized.And okay, if the silence.So no, definitely loud enough for other people to shoot down the right path.Well, you do these detractors do not take, right?Thoughtful people to start study the "theory" of the process, and then proceed to practice.So are you doing?

How to pray

In fact, it is a snap.The words of the prayer should be filled with your intention, emotionally charged.Imagine that you want a peach.You can get it if you ask.The first time you calmly tell (the one who gives the fruit): "I would like a peach."Man, even the head in your direction will not turn.And if you imagine what it is rosy, fragrant, delicate, full of summer heat ... More imagine how sweet its flesh, with what pleasure you dug into her teeth, as the juice flows into the mouth, enveloping his extraordinary sweetness.And only after that will pronounce the same phrase, the tone of voice is another.Your request nobody can leave without an answer.It will be filled with the intention to enjoy the peach.Let a trivial example, but it brings good, how to pray.Naturally, it is necessary to imagine no fruit, and the specific purpose of your appeal to the higher powers.

Prayers for all sorts of occasions

Here ask the believers, they just say that the Lord is always necessary to treat!No need to look for a special occasion.Your inner monologue must be continuous.Poor - ask for help, well - thank you.And so all the time.If you have not worked out at such a rule, start soon.This is very useful.Since themselves over time, make sure that you have a very powerful "patron saint."And it is so nice - to feel the constant support, not to be alone.If you think that only work specially chosen words, you have to learn a few texts.For example, the prayer for help in life might sound like this: "Lord!In my life there is always a surplus of the divine! "It is believed that to utter these words is necessary as soon as you wake up.Spend on the case of five minutes every day.They say miracles begin to happen.

If it becomes hard

clear that people turning to the Lord in sorrow, much more.Joy few shares.And if trouble comes, and atheists think of the Supreme.If you want to pray in difficult moments of life to support you, you try to eliminate the negative thoughts out.You should not be angry.After all, you share in the fall - from heaven.Suppose you now difficult, impossible to understand: "Why?", And then dismantled.God often sends a serious test of His most beloved children.A text can be used as follows: "My angel, please, take me under their wing saints!Suffer any consolation, neumeyuschih find peace - teach, help to avoid danger!I have hoped for your good will!You are always with me, and me.Amen! "In addition, risky or difficult situations do not be lazy to read the" Our Father. "This short text has a powerful effect and helps to find peace and confidence.

build their luck

prayers for a happy life is read in a good mood.It is important to understand that the Lord "reward on merit."This means, inter alia, that he could be punished for discouragement or anger.Try not to refer to him as much upset or blame others.Everything happens according to His will.Once you are "hurt" means teaching.Just as long as you are not a lesson learned.The text of the prayer: "Divine Will directs my share today and always!Please, let all the events will be prosperous, and the desire to realize!Let the light shine around the joy and love!Amen! "Or:" Lord!Today, I choose happiness!Your gifts gratefully accept!Today I choose success!As for himself, and for all!Today is my choice - kindness and love for me and all the earth!Amen! "To read these words in the morning, as soon as your eyes open.And do not forget that malignant egotism Lord does not welcome.If you want to imagine the good, do not forget to wish him and others.

Prayer for the joy of life

Many people understand that "not by bread alone ..." Here, it seems that there are, and the joy is missing.And the other - a bundle of problems, and they are happy.And all business in a particular state, you want to create another.It helps, of course, prayer.For example, every day, see the following text: "Lord!Send me an angel love, health, harmony and happiness, to fill me with strength and meekness thy!Let greeted me at the door of my house to accompany every moment in my doings!Let the joy of the Angels burning soul!Lord, please, send me Thy angels!Amen! »

That desire is fulfilled

know why an appeal to the Almighty in this case must necessarily be drawn up by another person, that is, not" by itself "?Because zagadyvaya wish we impose upon him their fears and concerns.So, on the one hand, you want something on the other - are afraid of execution.How can you get what you want?Therefore, make good use of text, which is made up by someone just such a case.For example: "Lord, I trust in Thy goodness!I know that all thy strength!Ljube my desire You can carry out, it is already implemented in the unmanifested world!Now I am ready to accept your gift!Lord, strengthen my faith and help implement its plans to show the world what I pray!Amen! "These words must be accompanied by mental images clearly and specifically characterizing what you want to get.More recommended imbued with a sense of satisfaction and joy from realization.They say that helps a lot.

Appeal to Saint Martha

can still fulfill the desire of using a prayer, which should be read in nine consecutive Tuesdays.To start buy church candles.Secluded, light one, put his left and read: "On March Miraculous!Tearfully beg your intercession before the Lord!Pomozov in the trials and hardships of me and my family!Protect and bustling about me.Tearfully beg in the care of my house ... (describe).About Miraculous March!I ask for your help in my every need!Beat my hardships, like a snake that lay at your feet!Amen! "To extinguish the candle is not necessary.Let burn down to the end.Be sure to read the text after the "Our Father" and "Virgin Mary."Just keep in mind that the ritual is necessary to completely.That is nine consecutive Tuesdays, without interrupting.Even when the desire has been fulfilled, to stop rite in any case it is not recommended.

to live happily

Not all people are constantly having problems.Some live a normal, even slightly boring life, events which are not so much.You know, this state does not negate the need to refer to the Almighty.For example, the prayer for the long life or harmony would be very out of place.After all, everyone wants to die as late as possible, it does not deal with disease and other ills.In this case, it is possible to manage their own prayers.Refer to the Lord "in any" form.It is advisable not to be lazy, at least occasionally visit the temple.There is also a tradition to put grace-candles.So this will be your prayer for the long life.If you want to learn a special text, we can offer this: "Lord Jesus!Need help thy holy!Fill my body mortal life-giving power of his!Let Divine Love will heal all my diseases, prolong the years, depriving weakness!Thank you, Lord, for all Your lessons that I try to learn with diligence and humility!Completely given to do your will!Heal the body and suffocation to a long summer, could I offer prayers to you!Amen! »

must say that prayer is sincere revelation of your soul.Of course, you can use invented by someone texts.But you need to concentrate on what you have inside.That is open to God, to trust Him, to try to understand his lessons and help.If prayer is said "out of duty" or from motives of interest, the result will not wait.Lord, you are unlikely to deceive.But be sure to create problems for yourself.Soul Heaven opened.Oddly hide negative, nothing will be able to hide.Better genuinely relate to the world, to love him and to ask the Lord for mercy.