hero of this article - bus KAvZ-685.These machines are produced in the Kurgan Bus Plant since 1971.Bus this rather small class than the average.Specifically designated it did not have this machine for general use.This transport is calculated to work in rural areas, mostly on dirt roads.For this, he was well equipped technically, had the necessary reserves of strength and has a high permeability.Let's take a closer look at the data of the vehicle.Old buses - it's very interesting.They have a special history, now they have probably almost no one and do not travel.

Model history

history of the bus begins with the opening of the plant.That was in 1958.The first thing done in the Kurgan plant, were 651 th model.Work on the development of these machines began in the 40s of the last century.The model was built on the chassis and the main sites of the GAZ-51.So when in the 60s on the GAZ started to produce the new GAZ-53A, Kurgan plant prepared for the creation of new buses on this chassis.

In the late '60s began to appear the first prototypes KAvZ-685.These early machines had a slightly different design, is not the same as the base for their GAZ-53A.There was another radiator cladding.Lighting was presented in the form of four-factor system.A little later, the designers decided to abandon this design.And in a series of buses with the traditional left front part of the base gas.

To start the serial production of buses, the factory carried out a complete reconstruction of the company.Thus, greatly enhanced the production area.

reconstruction was successful, and in 1971 the first KAvZ-685 left the assembly line.Serial model has a standard hood, but still a bit different from the main series design windshields.The full series production was able to start in 1973.In 1974, the assembly line at the plant after 100 000th copy.Total production of the model has changed several times, and the design and technical equipment.

KAvZ-685: Specifications

This model has replaced 651 th bus.However, the design has not changed much.Here we can see a car with a bonnet arrangement and not too large capacity.Bus service is extremely easy and, as we already know, was designed to work in conditions of dirt roads.

Although the chassis of the old and new models still have differences, but the old Kurgan bus is also very different from the new, the new model we see large dimensions, modern, given that this is a bus Soviet design.The new vehicle can accommodate 28 people, has good technical, dynamic and traction characteristics.The characteristics of this ancestor of modern buses in full compliance with the requirements that apply at the time.


first models KAvZ-685 equipped with four-stroke carburetor eight-cylinder motors.It was ZMZ 53A.Cylinders in these power units located V-shaped.

power of this engine - 120 hp.from.Rotation speed was 3200 r / m.The engine had a good time for the torque - 245 N / m.Engine capacity of 4.25 liters.The machine required 24 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.Buck bus had a capacity of 105 liters.The maximum speed on this engine was 90 km / h.


where everything is similar, both in Gaza.KAvZ-685 came with a four-CIO.It is known that the box was a slightly modified model CAT GAZ-5312.Transmission after improvements had synchronizers and the third feature of the transmission.

grip on these machines are used dry, single disk.The mechanism was spring, the peripheral.It includes coupling through hydraulic drive.

Brakes Brakes have been implemented in the form of a dual system.Sami brakes were drums, which worked on all wheels.To activate the brake, engineers also used hydraulic drive, which is also equipped with vacuum booster.


body had a length of 6.6 m, a width of 2.55 meters, the height of the bus was 3.03 m. The wheelbase is 3.7 m and the ground clearance - 265 mm.

curb weight of the vehicle - 4.08 m. Gross weight - 6.5 tons. Axels Chassis - 4 x 2. The most minimum turning radius of the machine is 8 m.


Here we can not say anythingnew.Like all coaches of the USSR, the body of the bus was also made of solid metal.The body was formed in the bonnet arrangement.Hood will simplify access of drivers and auto mechanics to internal parts and power units.This allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out service and repair work.


Salon bus can comfortably vmese 28 passengers.Seats were 21 passengers to sit down, the designers have given them only one side door.Another room had an emergency exit through the back door.About Salon also say nothing special, but it had an excellent heating system.She even in extreme cold perfectly warmed up inside the salon.The ventilation system - natural.To do this, engineers and designers have provided the side windows and hatches.

that passengers were comfortable using this vehicle for them in the cabin were provided soft seats.Special thanks to the fabric-trimmed seats.She was very durable and could easily last for more than one or two seasons before it is replaced.The driver does not separated from the passengers.For example, safety standards did not include partitions.The driver got to his workplace by means of a separate door.

driving position

workplace had all the conditions that the driver did not get tired in the regular flights.The chair can be adjusted to remove from the dashboard, and also adjust the angle of inclination.

Old buses were not equipped with power steering, but the wheel of this car had a large diameter, which simplifies management.All the necessary knobs and switches in a convenient location.

On the dashboard was only the bare necessities.So, designers and engineers have made sure that the driver's attention is not scattered.

Mirrors were unrealistically large.They advocated the dimensions of the body.So it has turned significantly improve the view of the road.The windshield had a partition.Each part was equipped with a wiper.This allows you to keep the glass clean and did not stop driving.

about repair and service

It is said that these models are virtually no problems of any drivers or auto mechanics.The car was based on the basis of GAZ-53A, which is before you use it for the construction of the bus passed a lot of tests.The chassis on the Kurgan plant perfectly prepared to work in the absence of paved roads.

Since the engineers at the time, creating a new model, trying to build a machine so as to unify the basic units with the old model, while no problems were getting the necessary parts.Bus KAvZ-685 and its design allows engineers in case of breakage easily detect faults as quickly and work to eliminate.


On the basis of this model out various modifications.They are designed for use in areas of countries with different climates.Model 685S was developed to drive to the northern areas.It is very dominated by low temperatures, so the car equipped with a warm lining, double glazed windows and heated engine.

were other models.For example, the 685G was intended for mountain areas.To machine could more safely overcome the serpentine mountain roads, a bus equipped with special additional brakes and retarders, and in the passenger cabin installed seat belts.

In conclusion

For its time, it was a great bus.Engineers are well tried.Sometimes these machines can still be seen anywhere on rural roads.They are still working somewhere - that's what it means to the Soviet quality.