Motor-equipment: reviews.

High-tech age is famous for its variety of cars and motorcycles, scooters and other modes of transport.If their choice people are responsible, paying attention to every detail, all the characteristics of the models and their appearance, it is very often neglected the acquisition of high-quality protective gear, which not only save you from bad weather conditions, but also to preserve life during an emergency on the road.Especially it is necessary to take care bikers and extreme sports motorcycle drivers.Statistics show that most road adventure happens exactly with motorcycle and motor scooter.That is why we recommend the purchase of high-quality and safe clothing for motorcyclists.Reviews of motor-equipment Icon, OSA, Taichi, and other well-known companies varied.But I would like to pay attention to the most popular and safe costumes, which are able to protect people from the cold and downs.

Many bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, thinking about the purchase of a good outfit and the accessories do not know what to give preference to the company.Bad weather, wind flow and ease on the bike requires the purchase of a quality suit.Because the price is not small, I would like it to be the most durable and comfortable hugs the body.In most countries the helmet is a must, that it will ensure the safety of motorcyclists driving, so he should sit tight on the head.It is not surprising that people are willing to pay big money for their safety and comfort.If earlier people did not pay attention to it, in our time, with the emergence of a huge range of motorcycles, motor-equipment is very valuable.Reviews of her very different from negative to flatter, and all because of the inability to choose the right for themselves motokostyum, helmet and shoes.How to choose the most appropriate type of protective suit among such a wide range on the market today?It is not always the price reflects the quality.Let's see what elements this clothing should be and what characteristics are.

Key elements equipment

Russian manufacturer OutStrip Adventure bothered to rider felt most secure.It was developed the most complete motor-equipment OCA.Reviews consumers increasingly leave positive.This demonstrates the quality and completeness of motozaschity.It includes the following components:

  • safety helmet;
  • motobotinki;
  • knee pads;
  • goggles;
  • gloves;
  • jacket;
  • protection may still be on the elbows, shoulders and back.

Types of motor-equipment

It is because of the fact that fans of motorcycling are unaware of the existing types of protective suits and accessories, a variety of injuries happen.Hence criticize reviews, and a negative impression.But this does not mean that the driver had used low-quality motor-equipment.Comments about the same product can be completely different.It all depends on whether the person picked for your drive type protective clothing and accessories.

Outfitting for motorcyclists in their properties is divided into three main types of these.

1. Do not protective.

2. Not with shockproof protective protectors.

3. Safety.

How are they different?The first type of costume is able to protect the driver's body from hypothermia and rain.Such suits have a beautiful appearance, but do not protect the person at the falls.Motor-equipment with protective shock-proof protectors have safer.It protects the most vulnerable part of the body of the motorcyclist: elbows, knees, shoulders and back.And the most extreme safe for drivers and fans of motorcycling is considered protective motor-equipment.Reviews much better than other similar types of workwear.In its development it took a lot of time, effort and money.Protective suits were tested more than once crash tests and found the safest type of clothing for modern bikers.

requirements for motor-equipment

to ensure the necessary level of protection and comfort in the use of the suit, the right to pick up equipment must meet the following requirements.

  • motorcyclists driving his vehicle, the maximum should feel comfortable in the motor-equipment.Accordingly, it must completely encircle the shape of the driver.It is necessary that the belt was on the jacket waist, lining the shoulders, back and elbows must match exactly with the location of the relevant parts of the body.That is why the reviews of motor-equipment Icon, OSA, and other well-known companies are positive.After all, they are sewn on the figure and fit snugly to the body bends over the motorcyclist.
  • on equipment must be present ventilated openings.They need to be regulated, so that the hot season to withdraw from the body of the motorcyclist too much heat, but cool weather did not let the cold air.
  • on collar jacket must be present soft lining to ensure comfortable turning heads in different directions.This is done in order not to rub his neck during a long motocross.
  • motor-equipment must be waterproof.This is particularly necessary during a long journey and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Featured Motorcycle clothes should not constrain movements.
  • Because of poorly stitched suits, especially in the field of lightning and seams sometimes gets wet.This motor-equipment reviews gets a negative character.Therefore, you should check the quality of the seams during the purchase.

Operational properties of high-quality motor-equipment

good equipment should have protective properties, comfort, protection from hypothermia driver and regulating vents.In addition, high-quality jacket or motokombinezon must be impact-resistant and wear-resistant, so that during an emergency to ensure the effective protection of the driver from injury.There are different types of helmets.They have a different purpose, so their choice should be taken with the greatest attention, since head injuries are very dangerous, and during an accident damaged it first.Do not neglect the quality and motorboats, which will protect your feet from the bounce.Russian brand OutStrip Adventure custom manufactures high quality motokostyumy that sit perfectly on a figure.Perhaps that is why motor-equipment OSA feedback from Russian and other motorcyclists all over the world received mostly positive staining.

style and appearance of the motor-equipment

Costumes for motorcyclists are mainly made in sports, for a comfortable drive style.Helm, motor-boats, protective gloves can vary in color, size, possible removal of the lining.Gloves can be made not only for protection of the hand and wrist, and for closing all of the forearm.Cheaper options of leather or imitation leather are specially designed for style-conscious bikers.Usually these important style rather than speed, so such clothing less durable, but beautiful in appearance.

motor-equipment OSA: reviews, quality, durability

OutStrip Adventure - a Russian company that manufactures high-quality motorcycle gear.If we compare the responses of the motor-equipment IXS (Swiss manufacturer) or a luxury Japanese company TAICHI and opinions on motokostyumah company OSA, you will notice a significant difference: the equivalent of the price is significantly different, but the consumer does not complain about the quality of the domestic production of costumes.

Motorcyclists feel that suits the company after the acquisition of OSA they are fully prepared for the season.Costumes are sitting on a figure like a second skin, despite the differences and custom sizes of each individual biker.Motorcyclists say good tailoring and quality motoodezhdy.At the same time we expect that the company will start producing additional accessories such as shoes, gloves and other important equipment for extreme riding a motorcycle.

Many motorcycle owners argue that motoodezhda not inferior to expensive brands, given its democratic price.The consumer is satisfied with the purchase of goods OSA, despite the fact that the company in fact only just beginning to develop.

Motoodezhda Duhan

Chinese manufacturer has since 1999 started to develop and sell motor-equipment.Despite the fact that the Chinese had to buy things a negative reputation among consumers because of their fragility, however manufactured by Duhan motor-equipment reviews and is in a positive way.

Most motorcyclists notes motoodezhdy good quality.A Vocational motocherepahe protecting the body during extreme falls bikers respond in more detail.They argue that such a protective accessory because of its sophistication, not only looks beautiful, but also exactly covers the most vulnerable parts of the body motoekstremalov.Some comment on the exact match motokombinezonov sizes, jackets and other equipment.For example, if a standard rider 46th the size of Russian standards, then it is safe to buy a suit European L size.Of course, there are also those consumers with an unusual physique that did not fit the dimensions.But in general, a wide variety of colors, cheap motokostyumov, coveralls, and shoes motocherepah delight bikers worldwide.Duhan motor-equipment is becoming increasingly popular in today's market.The only downside is that the company produces mainly motozaschitnuyu only male clothes.

MBW - equipment to the motorcycle

Czech motor-equipment MBW reviews is the most versatile, as most competing firms on the market today.But this is one of the firms, which produces clothing for motorcycle drivers transport at a reasonable price, while maintaining a fairly good value for money.The purpose of developing a motor-equipment is to give the rider optimum protection at affordable price equivalent.After all, not everyone can afford to purchase expensive brand protection, but all have to take care of their health and safety in such a dangerous form of transport as a high-speed motorcycle.

Women's and men's motor-equipment IXS

motor-equipment of the Swiss brand appeared for a long time and managed to acquire a reputation among drivers around the world.The breadth of the range of amazing.You can find both sporty and more stylish type of protective clothing, footwear and accessories for motorcyclists.Comfortable tailoring and high-quality material protects against bad weather conditions and does not hinder movement of the driver.A variety of sewing gloves motoobuvi, jumpsuits and jackets among the majority of consumers find their fans.Style and comfort, protection and security - that's all you need during a long motoputeshestviyakh.Probably not in vain, many extreme bikers who have long been engaged in motorsport, prefer this company.

manufactured by Komine motor-equipment: consumer reviews

Japanese companies specialize not only on the development of the highest quality and powerful motorcycles, but also care about the protection of drivers.For example, Komine and Taichi though are competing brands, but provide the same reliable motokostyumy using quality materials by unique technologies.Thanks to them, the driver of such a dangerous technology like high-speed motorcycle, feels safe at any speed and in any weather conditions.It reached its peak of popularity and made Taichi motor-equipment.Reviews of her coming from all over the world.In the manufacture of high quality items used nanotechnology and innovative systems.The aim of developing a motor-equipment is not only the protection of the rider, but also ensure its comfort.Perhaps that is why among the many competing manufacturers drivers prefer the known, proven over the years and the speed of the Japanese costumes and protective accessories.True, there are reviews equipping these firms are not as bright and colorful as, for example, the views of the gear OSA.It is difficult to tell something about the ideal things, because they can not be criticized, so the majority of bikers all over the world speak of this motoodezhde and protective gear as a good and quality products.

Tips on choosing equipment motorcyclist

As you know, the choice of the protective motor-equipment should be approached with the utmost care.It is necessary to view all the seams and make sure motokostyum leakproof.In addition to its protective functions it should be adjustable vents.This will allow tailoring to keep warm during the cold days and cool on a hot day.In addition to performance, you should pay attention to the reviews of motorcyclists who have already acquired such a motor-equipment.So more likely that you buy for yourself the highest quality protective clothing, which itself will be perfectly safe to feel from the very first minutes on his favorite bike.