How to increase milk supply right?

What could be more beautiful than a satisfied little face of your baby?When he feels good and fed, it is convenient to be close to my mother, to feel the warmth of her body.But sometimes all of this idyll is disrupted very negative moment when her that the young do not have enough breast milk in the right quantity.From this mother panics, which further exacerbates the situation.But do not be so upset, you should just know some little secrets, how to increase lactation.

First, of course, you should try to rest.Because when you are nervous, it adversely affects the lactation, and is reflected on the child as the baby is very sensitive to any changes the emotional state of his mother.You also need to add to your diet some foods that increase lactation milk.Do not forget about the special exercises for the chest, because they, too, are stimulants.
Well, about everything in order!State of mind is useful to all people, but breastfeeding mums is especially important.It is necessary to protect it as much as possible from various problems, of course, possible.Remember to use sedatives in this period, you should not.

Let's look at how to increase the milk supply through proper nutrition.Do not be surprised, but good nutrition is very conducive to the development of a satisfactory breast milk.Also, drinking plenty of fluids is necessary for this process.During the day it is necessary to use at least two liters of liquid, including soups.Warm tea with milk, drunk before feeding a positive effect on the flow of breast milk.You can drink as tea collection to increase lactation, which is sold in pharmacies.

So, what foods increase lactation?Quite a common misconception that a nursing mother have to eat several times more than before.It's not the amount of food should be consumed at will, but it is preferable to use a daily yogurt, milk, cottage cheese.We can not exclude from your diet foods that contain valuable protein.It's a bird, fish, veal, different, but not too fatty broth.

also need to know how to increase milk supply by a massage and some exercises.Massaging the breast should be about two to three minutes, after dropping a few drops of castor oil in the palm of your hand.Movement must be carried out in a clockwise direction, one hand is placed under the breast, and the other - above it.Massage should not bring discomfort and even more pain.

exercises to stimulate the flow of breast milk is very simple.To do this, just standing right to dissolve hand in hand, then cross in front of him and again dissolve.So you must make ten - fifteen times.There is another exercise.It is necessary to connect the palm to chest level, elbows bent.Crush the one hand to the other by a one-two.In three or four muscles relax.About ten repetitions should be sufficient.

Knowing the whole list of ways on how to increase milk supply, you will surely be able to cope with this situation.Do not forget that the frequent nursing baby to the breast, too, contributes to a good lactation.