GAZ "Sable Barguzin 4x4": technical specifications, reviews and photo

believed that in our country there is no minivan, and was not.Automakers are fully confident that the special need for machines of this class do not.However, in the last few years the situation has changed dramatically.Then there was a demand.And here at the Gorky Automobile Plant began to produce car "GAZ Barguzin" 4x4.

Let's see what kind of car, consider the specifications as well as reviews of the owners.


In late 1998, at the Gorky plant master production of automobiles "Sobol".These machines are made on the basis of "Gazelle".From the popular model "Sable" is characterized by a short wheelbase, independent front suspension, and was designed to load up to 900 kg.

Lineup "Sable" - a 2217 GAZ minibuses or "Sable Barguzin» and wagon GAZ 2752. In 1999, the plant began producing the model in 2217 with a low roof.Here, the designers have managed to lower it to 100 mm, as well as to establish the tailgate.In this configuration the machine became a minivan.

In honor winds

It is said that "Sable Barguzin" - a modification of a minibus GAZ 22171. The name of the car was named after the powerful winds that blow on Lake Baikal.Compared to the basic version it was more comfortable.The machine is of good quality controllability and stability."Barguzin" 4x4 index is 22171 and is equipped with all-wheel drive.Designed for passenger traffic in particularly difficult road conditions.Acquire the machine to work in conditions of rural roads, as well as for tourism and rural getaway.


Generally, auto-generation of data rather controversial.According to the official dealers offers consumers all-wheel drive car model "Barguzin" 4x4 (22177 Gas, GAS 22171).However, the same dealers say that there are regular versions and, in addition, over 10 various sets.Here you can get confused.There is a visual contrast to all-wheel drive cars - the height of the body.For all-wheel drive minivan, it is 2200 mm, while usually have a height 2100 mm.


As for the exterior - something many like him.Looks these vans (and minivans) are quite pleasant.The design of the second generation of cars, which are issued from 2003, features new large, though slanted headlights, upgraded radiator grille.Thus, the body looks quite modern.Plus here are the new side mirrors, which are now the same color as the body.Mirrors are equipped with drive and heating.

But the back door a little sad.It did not provide any heating or glass cleaner.So if you ride in muddy conditions, the visibility through it is very difficult.More drivers do not respond very well to the side door.To make it work properly, it must be lubricated frequently and often regulated.


Interior can say that it resembles the small size of the room.With its dimensions of cabin volume - this is quite a decent space.With regard to the driver's seat, it is very comfortable and quite ergonomic, as well as many domestic cars.

inside the car is consistent all the time.All modern, functionally, all the controls are working as expected and planned.True, that was the old wheel, dvuhspitsevym.Although many consider a three-spoke design is more convenient.All buttons, levers, instruments do not cause the negative, to use them as comfortably as possible.

devices are now under semi-circular canopy.The torpedo had smooth lines.But this plastic in the second generation did not become better, it was all the same cheaper, with gaps.

However, we must say that the car is good insulation.The novelty of these parameters can be entered in the list of "luxury".Seats are improved.Some of the chairs are equipped with armrests.In certain trim levels have a folding table.Beside him are arranged by type of seat "compartment".The seats are installed tightly, so remodeling is impossible in principle.

«Barguzin» 4x4 - specifications

cars depending on the configuration may be a gasoline engine ZMZ 406 to 123 horsepower, or a gasoline engine "Chrysler" 133 horsepower.Fuel consumption of both engines is practically the same, according to the documentation will be about 12 l / 100 km.Sometimes sellers offer such "Sable" with diesel engines.

Transmission - the most simple, manual, five-speed.As for the all-wheel drive car, "Barguzin" 4x4, here engineers used single-lever transfer box GAZ 2307.

Brakes hydraulic dual-circuit with vacuum booster.The system is equipped with sensor low brake fluid level and have the opportunity to adjust the pressure in the system.

steering is performed in the same way as all the other cars on the Strip.The system "ball-screw" has power.

Suspension spring for off-road equipment, and front-wheel drive versions are equipped with two-lever spring suspension front and rear - spring.Judging by the reviews of many drivers, the car suffers from problems with the front suspension.Motorists say that the hub nut is tightened.So often it is broken wheel bearing.

motorists also write that the suspension can easily take more than 300 thous. Km.Good points - it's maneuverability, visibility, permeability of soils.

How is it going?

owners in their reviews say that the minivan has a high land, an excellent overview.Powerful motors give the assurance that even among the cars the car will be on the level.At first, you need to get used to managing.Even the slightest movement of the steering wheel includes a hydraulic actuator, and he, in turn, immediately turns the wheels.Front shock absorbers few rather weak, on potholes swinging the front part.Back springs soft enough, so on our roads back of the throws.

for cars "Barguzin" 4x4 long journeys are not particularly fit.Maximum declared speed - only 120 km / h.Drivers argue that even at 110 km / h ride is becoming not very comfortable, also increases fuel consumption.

However, the situation changes dramatically when the roads end.Here, on the roads can be fully opened and found this car in new ways.Four-wheel drive minivan Gorky - a true SUV.The characteristics of the car, "Barguzin" 4x4 photo, which you can see below, almost equal to the Ulyanovsk Car Factory.

This machine appeared on the track "Silk Road".There minivan not just pulled out of the mud fighting SUVs that are just tightly fastened.The machine pulls in all conditions.But it does not much get into the mud.The car can get stuck in the rut of the truck, and because you can not always find the tractor.

Pricing Policy

What is the cost to the minivan "Barguzin" 4x4?Price - this is another positive quality of this SUV.The new all-wheel drive as standard can be purchased in the area of ​​500 thousand rubles.Used car in the age of five can cost about 200 thousand.

So, we figured out which is the minivan specifications, design and price.As you can see, "Barguzin" - this is a great and inexpensive alternative to modern foreign cars like "Mercedes Vito" and "Volkswagen Transporter ', besides, and all-wheel drive.