What color is combined with blue and violet in the interior of the home?

blue color tends to waft pleasant memories, it helps to see the bright colors of life.This shade of purity and tranquility.But with regard to the interior, it should not be too much.It is advisable to complement the other colors, or even different shades of blue.What color is combined with blue in home design?

With white

to the white walls blue suit furniture.Or vice versa - the blue walls are decorated with paintings of blue and white furniture.If this is the rich color, the room will look like the sea surface.


blue color in the interior is harmoniously combined with beige.Emphasis may be on one and on the second.If the walls are, for example, beige, the furniture and curtains - blue.And vice versa.Another option - the curtains to make use of two colors: blue and beige.

beige, yellow, sand tones soften the cool blue.To the room radiate heat, you need to choose which color is combined with blue the most from this palette of colors.

blue and olive.The use of these two colors gives the room a freshness and looks very juicy.

Blue and silver.What color is combined with blue still so elegant as silver?This stylish combination will make your interior a luxurious.

Blue and brown - fashionable contrast.Together, they look spectacular.

light blue and pink.This combination is more suitable for the kid's room.Muted tones of both colors will relieve children from excessive variegation.

interior with purple

Violet in the interior is controversial (many consider it depressing, heavy).At the same time, there are proponents of such a decision, especially as color has different shades.Purple and its variants (violet, lilac) - light, even flying.Dark hues give the impression of mystery.They look great in combination with gold or silver accessories.But he, like blue, the interior experts recommend to dilute.

What color combined with the purple?Opinions designers converge on white, orange, gray, green, blue, pink and red.For those who is not a supporter of bright, saturated colors, purple can be used in the details of design or choose light shades.He looks like a very original focus on the background of other colors.For example, in a white room can accommodate a purple chair, a rug or a pillow on the sofa.In the kitchen with white furniture perfectly fit purple curtains or a tablecloth.

main thing - to know what you want

Modern design offers many interesting solutions combining colors.We can say that today, even more than appreciated extraordinary combination.There is a very wide field for the imagination.The main thing - your vision of the future interior: you want to see your room in a classic combination of tones, or avant-garde, warmer or fresher and so on?Coming up with ideas, and the professional designer will choose what color combined with a blue or violet, taking into account your wishes.