What role do the interior moldings

Anyone who does not know all the intricacies of repair, it is difficult to believe that with the help of ordinary moldings can dramatically change the interior of the room.Moldings in the interior of the apartment - it is our indispensable assistant.Without them there is a part of the modern room.This decorative objects can easily transform the exterior design of the room, adorned with their designs walls, ceiling and furniture.Today we know what features and what are moldings produced in the interior.

Photo and functions of this element

Let's deal.Moldings in the interior perform several functions.The first - of course, a decorative function.With this element, you can easily hide unwanted joints and cracks, which are formed over time in each room.The second function - increase free space.Thanks to choose the right Moulding you can not only hide the defects of the walls, but also visually increase the space.Metal molding in the interior of apartments also occur, but rarely.Due to its properties the

metal can be painted in gold color, so your room will become more solid and attractive.


molding composition can be quite varied.For example, the materials of plaster allow to transform your room into a magnificent and elegant room.But choosing plaster, always remember that it tends to crumble and, moreover, it is quite heavy.Also in stores you can find and wood moldings.This material is an excellent solution for fans of the classic style.Wood will always look elegant and aristocratic.But it must be remembered that this material is vulnerable to moisture or just damp air concentration.Over time, these moldings in the interior can just crack, unless, of course, for them not to look periodically.

products from foam and polyurethane

in a separate column should include these materials.Today foam moldings can be found almost in every apartment.Their main advantages - low cost, long life (10 years or more), simplicity of maintenance, light weight and variety of designs.From this material, you can create any geometric shapes that will give your room elegance and originality.Besides all this, polyurethane foam, and is not afraid of the water, what to speak of the humid air.This feature allows the widely used foam in the bathrooms.However, the disadvantages of this material is also observed.Significant negative polyurethane - a low resistance to mechanical damage.Therefore, when installing moldings should be very careful to treat the foam, or on the surface may cause cracks and scratches.In addition, the product is very difficult to paint and putty.

Therefore, almost in every apartment owners reserve their original appearance, so as not to spoil the whole interior.Yet the advantages of this material is several times greater than the disadvantages.