Care, raincoats and jackets

Spring - a time of constant change of weather, time of jackets and coats, to protect us from the wind, rain, and not wishing to give the close summer cold.
If you want your fancy jackets and raincoats longer serve you, it is helpful to know a few simple rules of caring for them.

raincoats and jackets made of synthetics with a film coating can not be dry-cleaned.Their wash: the product is dipped several times in warm (greater than 40 ° C) solution of detergent;You can use a universal laundry detergent.

The product is then thoroughly rinsed, without wringing or twisting, dried in this expanded form on hangers in a cool place.Ironing is not required.

Cloak fabric like "bologna", or PVC film should be stored in a cool place.

Check the markings on the padded coats, if washing is permitted, then the pre-helpers lining on the sleeves and hem, because it sits in the wash.

Hang coat on a hanger over the basin or bath and wipe from top to bottom with a sponge soaked in soapy water.Then rinse and dry on hangers.

To clean rubberized raincoat or jacket, first clean it from dust with a dry brush, and then hang over the shoulders over the hips and extend from the collar to the bottom of the brush dipped in warm soapy water with ammonia (1 tbsp. Teaspoon per 10 liters of water).

can use any universal solution of detergent, washing clothes thoroughly with warm, then cold water.

not clean rubber products gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvents that destroy these materials.

Painting coat or jacket refreshed if the final rinsing water, add vinegar.Squeeze the product is not necessary.Drying is recommended on the shoulders in a shaded place.

to tough rubberized clothing again became soft, hold it for 2-3 hours in the water with the addition of ammonia (4 tbsp. Tablespoons per 10 liters of water).Then wash the clothes in clean water and hang to dry.

If rubberized raincoat crumpled, soak it in warm water and hang to dry on a hanger.

Rubber clothing does not make a naphthalene: it coarsens, boxes, dims.

rubberized coats and jackets keep away from heat sources, otherwise they will crack prematurely.

Waterproof textiles (coats, jackets, etc. impregnated.) Can not be cleaned with petrol or means for cleaning stains, as they destroy the impregnation.

If stains are not very big, polluted areas soak in a weak detergent solution (8 g detergent formulation for 1 liter of water), gently squeeze and rinse several times with clean water.

best to fully soak the clothes for several hours in a solution of detergent, then rinse well and wash.Wash clothes dry between two dry towels and ironed slightly heated iron on the reverse side.

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