PAZ PAZ 3237. 3237: technical specifications

Get introduced the first and only low-profile Russian-made buses PAZ 3237 could be at the 2003 Moscow International Motor Show.It is here that a wider audience could see this machine.This domestic small buses became the ideal conditions for most cities.But before discussing the technical data and other information necessary to say a few words about the history of the company.

little history

Pavlovsky bus plant at its very beginning called Bus Plant Zhdanov.Already in this period of its development, the company manufactures buses of small and middle classes.The production capacity is located in Paul, in the Nizhny Novgorod region.The plant began operation in 1930.In those years he worked as a support for the Gorky Automobile Plant and other enterprises of the automotive industry.The plant manufactures tools for drivers and components for car bodies.

In 1932, when the construction work is completely finished, the production of buses run.As you know, November 12, 1968 the plant was the first company that manufactures buses.

In the early 60-ies Pavlovsky Bus Plant reworked his concept of production.Since then, the company is engaged in full-scale production and the improvement of their machines.Just a basic model was modified several times to the needs of the customer.Later production of the company began to actively participate in various exhibitions and events.

December 1, 1968 the plant launched a series PAZ 3204 Today, on the basis of this model, created about 30 versions.Models buses intended for different purposes.There were buses "Suite" and more specialized models.Many a variety of modifications have been made in view of the weather, which was supposed to use these buses.About 10 modifications based on Groove 3204 are made to this day.

In 2002, Paz has released the very first low-profile small buses in history.This bus PAZ-3237, or the "Meadow".In recent years, the factory has developed several promising models of buses.PAZ often received awards in various exhibitions and events.

PAZ passenger

PAZ 3237 - this is one of the first low-profile small city buses.The bus is designed for 55 people, and the number of seats is 18 seats.Passengers will be able to comfortably sit on the chair, which, in turn, mounted on a special podium.Semi-soft chairs, separate.Back seat quite low.
air suspension allowed to make the landing and landing of passengers more comfortable.Thanks to this system, it became possible to reduce the clearance when the bus is at the bus stop for the landing.Comfort passengers also contribute to wide doors.Some versions of the bus and are designed for people with disabilities.


PAZ This model is equipped with a monocoque body, which is made in the carriage arrangement.Due to the use in the production of the most advanced technologies, innovation in application and processing of a rust inhibitor, and thanks to special engineering solutions, it announced that the body is designed for the service life of up to 8 years.Body parts bus unified by a low profile-bodies LIAZ.Sistemy no forced ventilation.It is carried out by conventional hatches and windows.As for heating, the interior heats the air system with forced circulation.With the engine cooling air into the bus very well heated.
length PAZ 3237 is 7.8 meters, width - 2.5 meters.Height - 3.8 meters.With a wheelbase of 3650 mm in the smallest possible turning radius reaches about 8.5 meters.Clearance car is 36 centimeters.Weight, is 6 tons.

PAZ 3237 - specifications

the technical side of the bus looks very attractive for many of those who wanted to buy it.As for the engine, the engineers have equipped the car four-cylinder diesel engine from CUMMINS.This engine PAZ may issue a maximum power of 140 horsepower, and the speed will be 2500 revolutions.The engine reaches its maximum torque at 1500 rpm, and the time to make 505 Nm.This engine meets all the norms and standards for the environment.Volume of the engine is 3.9 liters.The engine equipped with turbocharging.The rate at which the groove 3237 issue at their best, will be 80 kilometers per hour.


PAZ, whose fuel consumption is 18 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, has a tank capacity of 140 liters.It is enough for the city, and even inter-regional routes.


As for transmission, the bus is equipped with five-speed manual from Praga.Also some modifications based on the model set by the automatic transmission Allison.


as control engineers used in the production of Hungarian mechanisms.There are also power steering, which greatly facilitates the efforts of the driver to rotate the "donut".


It should be said that the designers used the drum brake German production.In general, this system bus is equipped with pneumatic actuators, as well as two independent circuits.These brakes are working with all the wheels of the machine.
Standard equipment includes ABS.The system will help drivers to confidently operate the machine in case of different situations doroge.Kak seen PAZ - bus, which is great for our roads, working on many imported nodes.Engineers say that this transport is ideal for the urban environment and will reliably work in the fleets of the Russian cities.Modern
advantages like low-profile buses literally created in order to provide the transportation needs of large cities.Larger trucks for transportation of passengers under the same metropolis simply can not cope with the travel through the main streets, which are always loaded with private vehicles, especially during peak hours.PAZ 3237 is designed specifically to use them to reduce the burden on large buses.
Because of its small dimensions the bus has enough agility.This is especially important, and it is this parameter into account developers.For carriers of passengers a lot of time working on urban roads where the dense flow - this is the usual norm.
PAZ - the bus, who was able to earn a good reputation on the market today.This allowed the influence that its sales are growing.This machine is able to decorate any fleet or enterprise private carriers.This bus has already acquired enough car companies.Because the machine is quite reliable, comfortable, safe.Model meets all current quality standards.Questions


Today, many companies offer to purchase buses PAZ.Price in April 2014 amounted to about 3 million rubles.If at the moment to do the monitoring of prices, but now the price has increased by about 200-400 thousand rubles.
It is said that these buses have long been closely working on the carriage of passengers in various cities of Russia and CIS countries.Haulier This is very convenient, comfortable, and import components work reliably and flawlessly.Today
machines PAZ - it is unpretentious, easy to maintain bus services to help cope with the steadily saturated traffic flow.

So we figured out what buses PAZ price and what they have the technical characteristics.