How to get rid of red ants in the apartment quickly and permanently?

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Many faced with the question of how to get rid of red ants in the apartment.Harm to humans or animals, they will not bring, but they may suffer much furniture in the house, food.In addition, the ants are a peddler of infection.It is omnivorous insects, their attention is drawn as a sugar bowl and a vase containing a sweet treat, and trash.

Ants, which you find in the products or are found in the cat's bowl - is working individuals.Therefore, to manually destroy them, you will not get anywhere.They are just pawns in this complex system.Master your enemy - their queen.It creates a "working", which provide it with food and never leaves the nest.Therein lies all the complexity of the struggle with red ants.In order to understand that the destruction of the home of ants - a complex process, try to find their nest.Most often it is in a small cavity, which significantly complicates the search.Finding a place where all the ants go to mined products, enjoy early.It can only be entering into a long corridor leading to the nest.It should be alert to the possibility that the insects can be found in many different places.Even outlet or under the baseboard.Chemicals against red ants in the apartment - the most convenient way to deal with them.But only under the condition that the room is small children and animals.Otherwise, you should use other, more secure means.

There are many people's councils that talk about how to get rid of red ants in the apartment.For starters you should know that these insects can not tolerate the pungent smell of parsley, camomile tea, onions, mint, sunflower oil, and so on. D. Juice of these plants is sufficient to grease "track" of ants, and they leave.You can also customize them sweet trap.To do this, pour saucer sugar water and leave them in places where is most common insects.Ants uchuyut sweetness and sink into this trap.

However, we have discussed with you the question of how to get rid of red ants in the apartment if their nest is located in a remote place.To do this is to use so-called "bait."The essence of this method consists in that the poison acts ant immediately.He manages to convey the poisoned bait in the nest, destroying the entire anthill.These "treats" you can prepare yourself.This will require a mix boric acid, water and something sweet honey, sugar and vanilla, as it is a favorite delicacy of ants.Cooking bait need to clean the dishes, as these insects are very sensitive to the smell and can bypass your side of the saucer.The finished mixture is expanded in a bowl and place in the proposed sites of occurrence of ants.

In this article we tell you how to get rid of red ants in the apartment.Using these tips, you will realize that, despite the complexity of the process, to get rid of these insects is quite real.It is necessary to apply these methods in practice, and the ants permanently leave your home.