How to get rid diplura in the house and apartment.

diplura as a zoological species - is elongated insect, consisting of hard segments of black and brown and belonging to the order entognatha hexapod.The name "diplura" this insect obtained for paired appendages at the end of their cells - the church.They form something like the two tails.Generally, diplura - a colloquial name of earwigs.Another of their name - vilohvostki.

Why would she need a double tail

Firstly, churches play a role in the life of the insect's antennae.The fact is that in the pursuit of its prey, it feels its way forward in the cracks of the soil by them.Secondly, it is a tool to help them in case of danger to recede.How it works: If diplura came across an obstacle or, God forbid, to the enemy, then immediately starts the winds backwards, groping for the way his mustache, as the time to turn anymore.

Predatory diplura

Surprisingly, among these small creatures there are quite large predators.From conventional dvuhvostok they are reasonably solid, according to its shape resembling claws churches, which serve as a means of hunting on soil mites and springtails.When an insect catches prey, then he puts his head on the back end of their abdomen, becoming like scorpions, and grab its prey like a tick.In this position, they eat their prey.

diplura house

diplura in the apartment - it is perhaps even more unpleasant than cockroaches.These parasites cause irreparable damage: a huge appetite they devour houseplants, vegetables and bread crumbs.It is important to know that diplura, like cockroaches, like dampness.They settled mostly in the basements of houses and garden plots.All anything, live - and let them live, but that is often out of the cellars, they are moving into an apartment to a person and begin to hurt him the most brazen manner.Not only because of its secluded crevices these creatures come out only at night, so they still have the audacity to crawl wherever they want: on the bed, on the clothes, the sleeping person.Moreover, if they suddenly hurt, and it may be very painful pinch!Naturally, a person then the question arises: "How to get rid diplura?"Particularly relevant it becomes, if people are not hearsay faced with a situation where in the ear of a sleeping man diplura lays its larvae crawling there at night, while we do not feel.These parasites multiply too quickly.

Note!If you think that this insect is harmless, and keep it easy, eliminate the source of moisture, it is deeply mistaken!One embedded cracks and holes in the floor is not sufficient.Dvuhvostok need or grass, or completely cast out of the house.How to get rid diplura in the apartment?Let's give some practical advice.So, the conclusion dvuhvostok.

diplura How to get rid of the house.Practical advice

First, move the apartment perfect order: Spend a wet cleaning, wipe the dust and so on.Second, calculate the breeding of insects.Third, sprinkle them a wonderful tool for persecution dvuhvostok - "Fenaksin."This is the main way to destroy these parasites.

If you are interested in how to get rid diplura other methods, here's another way.Just note, this option is not persecution, but simply to get rid of parasites.After appropriate cleaning apartments spread out in all areas with a damp cloth, creating a moist environment.Be sure pests necessarily come running to moisture and dampness.When they accumulate enough, quickly roll up a rag and throw them out of the apartment.

Some people who know firsthand what diplura than dangerous and where she is hiding, and multiply, adapted as a poison pill against the use of special flies, which are inserted into the most ordinary fumigator.If they believe that the result will not wait long - dvuhvostok as the arm lift.Alternatively, against these insects may be used thiuram powder.It should fall asleep along baseboards house or apartment.

If people ways to deal with diplura do not help, in an apartment or house to renovate with obligatory disinfection.In any case, good luck to you!