From rid of cellulite wrap: Details of the procedure

It's all about wraps - a popular and much-loved women cosmetic procedures.To wrap resort, especially the ladies who want to get rid of cellulite and restore skin smoothness, elasticity and tone.But attracting and captivating in wrappings that after the first procedure, you can feel the decrease in the waist and hips.

True, we should not delude ourselves that the effect of weight loss has been achieved through the destruction of excess fat.Volume decreases due to the outflow of excess water from the tissues, which can add pesky centimeters.In addition, water that is quickly lost when wrapping, just as quickly returned to his seat.It is for this reason that wraps often carried out in combination with other anti-cellulite treatments, such as massage, myostimulation physical activity.

Wraps share mechanism exposure to hot and cold.Due to hot wrap dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, the pores open wide and the surface allocated toxins.Hot procedure is physiological.You should know that it is contraindicated in patients suffering from varicose veins.Such people will be useful cold wrap.

In this process, the capillaries and blood vessels constrict and the blood and lymph carry toxins and wastes in the internal cleansing organs.Cold wrap is good for those who suffer from edema, fatigue and heavy legs.Improve the tone of the skin and promotes slimming wrap with cooling gels, which include lemon extract, horse chestnut.Strengthen capillary walls and promotes lymphatic drainage menthol.Effective combination of warm wraps at the cellulite areas with a dense layer of fat and cold for the parts of the body with sagging skin.

is important to note that there is a state where any wrapping to do is contraindicated.This gynecological diseases, hypertension, cardiovascular system, skin diseases.

Before we proceed to wrap the body purify scrub based on marine salts.There is a deep cleansing, by which the active substances included in the means for wraps, penetrate to the maximum depth.Sometimes, on the eve of wrapping carried warming massage.

One of the most common formulations, which are used for wrapping, preparing herbal and seafood (mud, seaweed).This procedure effectively reduces cellulite bumps, making the skin supple and elastic, saturates vitamins and minerals that are so rich in seafood.Plus, seaweed and mud have a restorative effect on the human immune system, it gives a burst of energy and improve mood.Seaweed is also used with other plant extracts, such as caffeine, musk and others.

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