How to tear off the old wallpaper.

If you decide to do home repairs, then without changing the wallpaper, you probably will not do.However, before any work requires some training.For example, you should know that is not always possible to glue wallpaper old wallpaper.The previous layer must always be removed.How do you learn on.

Why should remove old wallpaper?

Not all people who are planning to make repairs, understand that to remove the old layer of finish required.Indeed, some believe that if the old paper wallpaper tightly glued Bustilat, they will be a good basis for a new layer.However, this is not true.

First of all, note that the previous finish can lose its original form, which can provide a negative impact.For example, over time, old paper yellow stains show through on the new wallpaper.This defect fix is ​​almost impossible, have to redo repairs.

In addition, in some places, finishing may eventually fall off and break a new layer.Therefore, the walls should always be prepared for repair.Naturally, you need to know how quickly to pull out the old wallpaper.

What tools will be useful for?

To process was quick and "painless", be sure to prepare the instrument.You will need:

- some spatulas of different widths;

- spray bottle, which is filled with water;

- damp, soft cloth;

- detergent with hot water;

- iron with steaming function;

- ladder or stool.

These tools should be quite enough.However, different types of wallpaper removed differently.You might need something else.


Before peel old wallpaper, you need to best protect the premises.For example, before beginning work, try to make all the furniture out of the room.If this is not possible, then move it closer to the center and cover with thick cloth or unnecessary plastic wrap.In this case, you will protect the furniture from dust and pieces of plaster, which can fall off during cleaning of the walls.

is also desirable to make the room all the plants and other items that are not closed in a sideboard or walls.Naturally, you should decide where you will get to those wallpapers that will remove from the walls.

If you have a wooden floor or carpet, it must be protected from dust and moisture.To do this, apply masking tape and oilcloth.

Features remove paper, and non-woven vinyl wallpaper

So, non-woven layer of peel easier.The fact that it is produced using the thick paper, which practically does not break during operation.You just need to carefully pick a band with a spatula and pull the canvas.The top layer of the wallpaper comes off without any problems.With regard to the paper, it will be a little more difficult to eliminate.

Before you tear off the old wallpaper on the basis of the paper, you need to consider the way moisture.This is done with a sponge and hot water or steam iron.Please note that you need to moisten the strip profusely and not entirely, because the moisture dries quickly.Now, using a spatula, you are ready to remove.

With regard to vinyl fabric, here the situation is much more complicated.The fact that in this case the water will not help.Here it is better to use special solutions for this type of wallpaper removal.They are sold in a hardware store.

How to remove washable wallpaper?

Before tear old wallpaper of this type, it is necessary to understand that in this case the water will not help, since the web have a high resistance to moisture.However, there is another way to remove a finish.For a good start to scratch the canvas scraper or toothed roller.Only then can moisten the surface and after a while to separate it from the surface.

If washable removable very difficult to use a steam pillow.It must be put in places where the web does not want to separate from the wall.If such a pillow you do not, then use a conventional steam iron.

Features removing liquid and fiberglass wallpaper

This process is time consuming, but it can be alleviated.Before you remove the old wallpaper on the basis of fiberglass, have to go to the store and buy special equipment to facilitate the separation of paintings from the base surface.However, if you do it yourself you can not, you can contact the experts.

As for liquid wallpaper, then to eliminate them enough to moisten the wall, wait until the water infiltrate a band and that swell, and then gently pry it with a spatula and remove from the base.

Before you tear off the old wallpaper, please note that this should be done with maximum precision, as this may damage the wall.In this scenario, you will have an additional plaster or putty them.

What if the old finish is adhered to bustilat?

This process can not be called simple, because it is very old decoration can be kept for many years.Before you remove the old wallpaper, glued on bustilat, you need to stock up on water, plastic sheeting, metal brush, spatula (scraper), and spray chemical solvent.

There are several ways to clean the walls from the previous finish:

- stripping;

- maceration;

- mechanical elimination;

- partial removal of the old fabric.

Note that if you show up on your wall several layers of finish, then it must be removed very carefully.In principle, it is enough to tear off the wallpaper on small pieces.Making sure not to damage the wall, because it is possible that with the trim thrown out and a large portion of the plaster.

Before you tear off the old wallpaper, prepare for the fact that they can not flake off completely.To remove the residue, use soapy hot water.Naturally, you need to be further purified from the wall Bustilat.With this perfectly cope solvent or chemical remover.Please note that you need to treat the surface carefully so as not to harm your health.If

finish produces a very long time, and paintings were attached to a concrete wall, it is usually difficult to remove them soaking.To facilitate the work, use a steam iron.

Useful tips

Before you tear off the old wallpaper, check out some tricks that will help you do this quickly and easily:

- Wall need to moisten the sponge or roller, making sure that no liquid running down wallpaper.In this case, they simply can not get wet well.In order to prevent moisture acted, you must wait for about 15 minutes.

- Note that the water should be hot.

- If you have no steamer, use normal wet sheet and a simple iron.To do this, attach the fabric to the wall and iron for a few seconds.

- After removing the wallpaper must be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of wall adhesive.It is recommended to use special dissolving substances, which are sold in stores.You can also use a pumice stone or a scraper.

- starts to take off with the canvas needed stitches.At the same time, be very careful in the area of ​​switches and sockets.Try not to leave any extra pieces on the walls.

That's all.Now you know how easy it is to tear off the old wallpaper himself.A lot of time it will not take.Good luck!