Gazelle "NEXT" Passenger: specifications, reviews and photo

After Anderson, the former head of the company «General Motors», was appointed head of the group of companies "GAZ", the automotive giant took a course on the development of new ideas and the production of the popular minivan.In winter 2012 at the Moscow Motor Show was presented a new commercial vehicle of the new generation - "Gazelle-Next».

"Gazelle NEXT" (passenger) - photos and description of the design

New has been designed on the basis of its predecessor "Gazelle-Business".In 2010, the model of the "Business" has captivated much of the CIS market (LCV format commercial vehicles).And what's interesting - still enjoys great popularity among motorists in many countries, including Europe.Features "Gazelle-Business" can be on par with models of the same class.To build this model was launched production of parts and mechanisms of well-known manufacturers from abroad.Its cost will surprise domestic buyers.By the way, what is in the "Gazelle-Next" price?The passenger model will be available for only 700-900 thousand rubles.

What's new in the car?

Low-tonnage, commercial passenger "Gazelle-Next" has a lot of differences from its predecessors.First of all it concerns dimensions.New model of the company «GAZ» has the following dimensions:

  • height of of the car - in 2140 mm;
  • length "Gazelle-Next» - 5637 mm;
  • width of the new models - 2070 mm.

addition, the novelty has got a stylish and more secure cabin.These include:

  • windshield made of high quality and maximum safety material (glass and nitrogen dioxide).
  • Large and sturdy adjustable mirrors, fortified more resistant.
  • beautiful radiator, made by Italian designers.
  • Ergonomic lights, bonnet, front bumper and logo.

And how out there in the cockpit?

lovers of this model can now sleep peacefully, because change for the better, and touched the interior of the car "Gazelle-Next» bus.The comfortable and ergonomic seats (optional heated), beautifully performed isolation of noise and vibration, a truly "European" torpedo with multiple controllers and devices - all this creates a good impression on the new model "Gazelle-Next" passenger.


Cars that have already gone into mass production have improved, the European system of occupant safety.So, there were airbags on the driver and his two passengers.Do not forget about seat belts that will go on sale to the voltage regulator, which is equipped with every new "Gazelle-NEXT" passenger.Photos provided below.

As we can see, the work of designers is noteworthy.

Specifications new "Gazelle-Next» bus

This does not end our review.With pleasure you can describe the new features and characteristics of the minibus "Gazelle-Next".The passenger model has gone through several stages of modernization.The new braking system has allowed developers and engineers to provide a model ASR-system that prevents towing (scrolling) wheels on icy or snow-covered lanes.

Also a latest generation ABS system and the new, not yet used in domestic cars of this type, Dynamic Stability.The use of electronic systems will surprise customers who decide to buy a car "Gazelle-Next» (passenger version).

not gone unnoticed engineers and steering, which will be equipped with a hydraulic power rack.The front independent suspension provide the operation "Gazelle-Next» on the road smoother and more stable way.


As for the engine, the new passenger "Gazelle-Next" will work with the help of a diesel engine with a turbine (Cummins), up to 2.9 liters and power 130 "horses".

five-speed manual transmission was borrowed from a truck "Gazelle-Business".It showed itself in the good of tests and has excellent performance.The diesel engine has sufficient fuel economy: the speed of 100 km / hour flow of diesel fuel is 11.5 liters, and in city traffic (up to 60 km / h) - 9 liters.

True, many motorists «complain» on fuel consumption because of the of poor-quality of solar oil.Cummins diesel engine meets all European standards (on emissions of CO2) - Euro 5 and 6.

not forget the developers and the cooling system.The specialists of has been increased Floor area blow-off radiator.Himself purge compartment was launched separately.All this "beauty" engineers were able to put in a relatively small engine compartment.

Group Company "GAZ" laid great hopes on the new model and suggests that "Gazelle-Next» Passenger win the recognition of domestic motorists, and the whole market LCV.However, time will tell.

What has reviews «Gazelle-Next» (passenger version)?

Company «Giant Inc», devoted to independent research on the automobile market, conducted a survey, which was attended by more than seven thousand independent car users.Many car owners pleased to see how low on the "Gazelle-Next" price.The passenger model - one of the cheapest cars in a series of "Business".

View Poll Results have shown, that 72% percent owners and drivers the given car remained happy new acquisition.Over 90% of respondents said the new car interior, its usability and ergonomics.All ratings can be found on the main site of the company "GAZ".

More than 70% of owners of remained happy the new diesel engine and his fuel consumption.Everything else, almost all respondents indicated no problems when you start the diesel engine at low temperatures, and in this type of motor has its unpleasant nuances.

are some tips that will be useful when purchasing a "Gazelle»

When buying a used car "Gazelle" do not look "disguised" dents, cracks, scratches and more.The fact that the seller is easier to reduce the overall price of the car, it is busy with straightening and painting.

If you are going to buy a second-hand "Gazelle", then to go to the purchase of the car market and count how many are parts and components on the car.It may be much cheaper to buy a "Gazelle" with a few problems at a reasonable price, and then troubleshoot.

If you need a car for work, then through holes in the hood will be a plus.The operation of the engine and the whole machine will not be affected, and the presentation will fall as its price.Also on the market is replete with durable plastic hoods.They will last longer and is easier to replace a hood.

Do not find fault with every little thing, sooner or later still have to change something.Details of domestic cars are "consumable", ie they need to be replaced after a certain period.On the car market so much for proposals, that the having spent more time on check-ups for proposals, in the end you realistically will save.

In conclusion

car "Gazelle" has long been a "popular" in the local roads.Many do not trust this car, but in vain.After the change of leadership in the company "GAZ" production set up to produce a car of European quality.We hope that in a few years the car "Gazelle" will not concede its characteristics eminent WV, Mercedes, Iveco.

So, we figured out which has reviews "Gazelle-Next" passenger, design and price.