Tattoo hair.

Every woman has ever used cosmetics for makeup.Currently, the leading beauticians and stylists develop the latest techniques of cosmetic overlay.So, it is very convenient to use waterproof means.They are not washed off and will not melt.However, the most resistant makeup is permanent.It is applied directly to the skin.This article will tell you what the tattoo hair.You find out the pros and cons of such a make-up.Also worth mentioning about contraindications to the procedure.How do hair tattoo, will be described below.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo

hair is a form of permanent makeup.Running it in two ways.Experts and Estheticians isolated and eastern European technology.Tattoo hair - a convenient way for women to save time and money on makeup application.

If you follow this procedure, you get resistant make-up for a long time.Tattoo hair held an average of one to seven years.At the same time, much depends on the quality of the paint, professional beautician and skin condition of the fair sex.

European way of handling eyebrows

hair Tattoo (European method) involves prorisovyvanie subtle slips on the eyebrows.Thus they all have the same interval between themselves.The direction and length of the hair is usually equal.

manipulation is performed in two stages.First Master gets a darker color, which is driven into the deep dermis.After that, the top coating having a lighter shade.This technique is ideal for women with thin eyebrows and delicate features.

East permanent makeup

This tattoo eyebrows (before and after photos will be presented to your attention) fits the fairer sex with large features.Also, women who wish to have a natural look broad brow, may choose this way of applying the paint.

manipulation is performed in the same way (in two stages).First Master draws a dark line.Then apply a light perm.It is worth noting the difference between these two ways of performing art.If the European style involves the same direction of the hair, the makeup has several eastern chaotic arrangement of lines.The master does not comply with the symmetry and the same distance between strokes.All the hairs are drawn in a different direction.This technique allows you to get a more natural look wide eyebrows.

This is not necessary to carry out the method of tattoo eyebrow hair?

hair processing method is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • malignant tumors, oncological diseases or suspicion thereof;
  • while waiting for a child or during menstruation;
  • during lactation;
  • diabetes, heart disease and bleeding disorder.

Before make-up, is to consult with a beautician.Some skin diseases can also cause for abandoning the procedure.

Pros permanent makeup

In this article we are talking about permanent makeup eyebrow hair.Before & After pictures clearly help to assess the results of such manipulations.Advantages of this makeup are undeniable.In contrast to the continuous method makes brushing hair eyebrows look more natural.Feathering can also be combined with the described technique.In this case, the beautician first light imposes continuous layer.Only after this is done prorisovyvanie hairs.

hair tattoo advantage is that you do not have to every time draws the eyebrows.Do the treatment once, you'll wake up every morning with makeup.

cost of the procedure

hair tattooing has only good reviews.However, women say that it is a pleasure rather expensive.For example, in one procedure you will have to pay between two and seven thousand.It all depends on what kind of permanent use of the master.

Eyebrow may need a few years later.The majority of cosmetologists offer discounts to its loyal customers.This means that the master from which you made the hair tattoo for the first time, perform a re-keying at a lower price.

preparations for a permanent of

Before making permanent makeup eyebrow hair method is to visit a doctor and make sure that you have no contraindications for the procedure.It is also necessary to prepare the treatment area.To do this, use a soft peeling.The tool will clean the surface of the face of the dead cells.Give your eyebrows the shape you want.You can not do this, and the master trust.

Immediately before the procedure you should not drink coffee and take any blood thinning medication.Also it is necessary to abandon the consumption of alcoholic beverages a day before the tattoo.Before you start applying beautician permanents Draw the shape of the future eyebrows cosmetic pencil.Rate it and, if necessary, correct the shortcomings.

If you are satisfied with the form, beauticians offer a comfortable stay on the couch.After that, a specialist in the area of ​​the eyebrows cause anesthetic in the form of a cream.It is absolutely safe.Within 10-30 minutes of anesthesia will work, and cosmetologist will begin the work.

Conclusions and recommendations

you now know what a hair tattoo.Remember, after treatment of eyebrows is to carry out some recommendations.They always warn about the master.Do not wet the area a few days of application permanent.Do not tear off the crust, and if necessary treat their moisturizer.Try not to be in a cold room and drafts.Limit in the first day after the manipulation of fluid intake.Use a permanent make-up and always be beautiful!