What is the magic of hair?

From time immemorial, people attached particular importance to long hair.There are seven beliefs, legends, talks about what gives people long hair.


There is a legend that the hair keep the strength of man.Remember, worth some insidious woman cut off the hair from the head of the hero, as he immediately lost his extraordinary strength.


There is a sign of the students - before the exam can not cut their hair, or, together with the hair "otstrigut" will have all the knowledge and learning all over again.In fact, hair has its own memory.Hair This property can be used and vice versa.For example, it is believed that in order to get rid of unrequited love, you need to cut your hair, and this feeling will go with them.Remove the accumulated during the day extra information will combing the hair before going to bed.

Energy Hair

hair can accumulate energy.Perhaps that is why they can fulfill wishes.Do not believe me?And you try.Make a wish, and then pull out from his head a hair, tear it into two parts and burn.Thus there is a release of personal energy, which contributes to the realization.Even if you just combing the mirror, focus on your desire, it is true.

Magic Hair

Magic is very closely linked with our power, and his hair are our antennas that transmit information into the universe, and the source of our strength and drives.Therefore, women with long hair are considered more throughout the rest (in the magic of femininity, and so on. D.)

position in society

In the past, a form of styling and hair length can tell about belonging to a certain social class.So in the ancient world is quite long hair can be worn only free citizens, slaves and criminals are always well shaved bald.In the Middle Ages, only the nobles of the men had the right to wear long locks.And nowadays well-groomed hair is also in price.High-ranking and wealthy people can hardly afford not to watch her hairstyle.


Despite the fact that fashion is constantly changing, and men are pretty much attracted to women, but the hair will always be a sign of femininity.Recall the tale.Beautiful Princess necessarily have luxurious locks.In fairy tales, and in the lives of women long hair like a magnet to attract its owner of its second half.

prosperity and wealth

From the earliest times hair and fur symbolized fertility, abundance, happiness and wealth.God of wealth in Slavic mythology was none other, and Veles (Volos).Yes, and also about any girl, long hair is the owner, said that the hair - its wealth.

If you have already felt an urge to grow long hair, then you have to have very good recipes.Remember that beautiful well-groomed hair - it is very beautiful and feminine.

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