The essence of the loan: causes, forms the concept of the term

Human relationships of a commercial nature, including barter, were soaked in lending for centuries.Always wealth of different definitions, classifications and subjective value in some had more than others.And always there was the need to borrow the missing goods.In other words, the demand for lending is due to stratification.But the economic nature of the loan, as such, there was a clear definition of the terms of such loans, known today under the principles of lending.Among them, and serviceability, and recoverability, and urgency.These principles are expressed in specific terms of use borrowed property.

Traditionally, the nature of the loan, its causes, demand and dynamic development is related to the coincidence of interests of economic orientation.Namely, the need for some money or specific values ​​and those of other excess.At the same time the possibility of financing is not feasible without the willingness of others to provide an excess of their values ​​paid for temporary use.And without the willingness of subjects of credit relations (creditor and the debtor) to engage in economic relations, securing their agreement.The economic essence of the credit and defines its functions, global and subjective orientation.Lending allows:

Extend the original framework and to eliminate obstacles to the full limit and the rapid development of production.Development and production requires, as a rule, considerable investments in the early stages.
redistribute value, justifying the nature of the loan, its necessity and popularity.Use
values ​​effectively.
ensure proper continuity of production and reproduction processes.
help to save costs.
stimulate profitability and production.
Accelerate useful motion and circulation of cash flow and value.
concentrated capital.
carry out profitable operations on a scale public or private.
Features and Benefits lending define the nature and forms of credit, their fullness, actuality.Lending is following types due to its bulkiness and purpose, values ​​and views of the subjects, the purpose of:
Commercial.Possible not only to credit, per se, but a delay of payment and value of the goods.
Bank.This type shows clearly the nature of the loan.In the role of the lender or the owner of property in favor financial institution.Moreover, the value passed to the use, in turn, borrowed from other persons on the same relevant principles of repayment and interest payment (deposits).In the role of an object - moneys in cash or non-cash form.This type is quite common, and covers the inhabitants, and the government in general, and industrial organizations.Bank loans may be short (hours) and long periods.
intereconomic.Subjects - legal structure, organization, subject to act, as a rule, does not finance in terms of money and securities law.
Mortgage.Mortgage loan allocated to a particular type of loan specifics.And precisely because of the clearly limited possibilities of security or collateral - only property.
consumer.It is also quite common and relevant type of credit relations between individuals or organizations.It features a wide range of possible conditions from the formal, symbolic fee or free loans to large, unfettered interest or commissions.
the whole essence of the loan is determined by its immediate purpose, it is enough material - a profit from the presence of unused own values ​​and cash flows.