Gusinoozerskaya power station - one of the largest in the Trans-Baikal region

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On the shore of Goose Lake Valley is located in Zagustayskoy thermal power plant, built by the capacitor type.It - Gusinoozerskaya GRES.Buryatia is located east of Lake Baikal is famous for the resource industries, as well as related production facilities of primary processing.

Close Energy

Buryat Wealth of natural resources, coupled with harsh climatic zone, due to sharply continental climate, has led to the decision to build a hundred and ten kilometers from Ulan-Ude plant.And today Gusinoozerskaya Power Plant, located four kilometers from the second largest city in the country, is one of the major enterprises in the region.The eponymous housing estate has become a place for its construction based on the coal mine.Terms of reference, which established Gusinoozerskaya TPP was designed Tomsk branch "Teploelectroproekt".Interestingly, while there was approval of the feasibility study, some solutions are outdated, and Gosplan had to send them for recycling.

Launching Station

first unit was launched in late December 1976.The main task Gusinoozerskaya GRES took over - meeting the needs of the power system of the Republic of Buryatia, which is part of the joint industry of all Trans-Baikal.The next three were put into operation each year.The second stage of the station began to run from 1988, with the input of the fifth head of the station unit.Four years later came the work of the sixth, seventh and the construction was planned to start at the same time that in 2005 put into operation.However, the resulting financial problems did not allow to realize our plans.At the moment construction is frozen.Over the years, began to deteriorate the quality of coal on Holboldzhinskom section, its ash reached thirty percent.Therefore, the management decided the first stage of the station boilers reconstruction and transfer them to dry ash removal.

process started with the second unit.Then, reconstruction work began to produce the fourth, however, due to lack of funds changes in the structure of the fuel used were suspended.And after some time it has been preserved, and the block itself.Since its start Gusinoozerskaya TPP generates more than four and a half billion kW / h of electricity annually.However, due to a sharp deterioration in many of the qualitative characteristics of coal, as well as financial and technical and economic indicators of the section "Holboldzhinsky", it had to close, and Gusinoozerskaya TPP were forced to seek new suppliers of fuel.Today it is - Tugnuisky mine.


Gusinoozerskaya GRES working today on the equipment of the German company Claudius Peters Group.It allows a minimum of thirty percent to reduce the annual volume of storage.Another advantage of this technology lies in the possibility of recycling ash waste in the manufacturing process of various building materials.Direction is today recognized as the most promising, since the dry ash generated by power plants, has a number of benefits in contrast to traditional natural resources and raw materials.Curiously, the second chimney Gusinoozerskaya GRES has a height of 330 meters.It is among the twenty-five highest pipes all over the world.


installed capacity of this power plant is more than Buryat hundred thousand megawatts.For this region, it is - lower energy costs, improve the quality of construction, and finally - have the appearance of very real preconditions for the implementation of many social programs.And it provides Gusinoozerskaya GRES.OAO "WGC-3", a branch of which it is - it is Third Generation Company of the wholesale market elektroernergii.Today, the company employs more than a thousand, sixty percent of which have a higher technical education.