Kaluga Highway: reconstruction.

Roadworks create inevitable problems of everyone who drives on the highway.The man behind the wheel there is a rhetorical question: "Is not that impossible to do?"But one of the oldest suburban roads this question was raised differently and quite specifically: "When will start the reconstruction of the Kaluga road?"

Then it was impossible to postpone

Transport infrastructure of large cities, which, no doubt, is true Moscow, is an essential life-support system for their large population.Transport communications system formed over many years and decades.No less important for large cities have a backbone, providing a message to the regions.And inevitably there comes a point when you can not do without radical engineering solutions aimed at the reconstruction of what no longer meet the requirements of the time.Procrastination will inevitably lead to a deterioration of the situation.It is these circumstances and due to the reconstruction of the Kaluga road, the plan is finally approved and accepted for execution.Road works are currently under way and have already begun in an increasing pace.

History of

Kaluga highway, reconstruction of which started in April this year, is one of the most important transport routes, providing communication between Moscow and the regions located on it in the south and west.This track, denoted in modern road atlases as federal highway A-130, up to the border with Belarus.In the Moscow region, it passes along the old Kaluga road, one of the oldest means of communication in Russian history.Status highway road received when Emperor Nicholas the First.On this route carried a message from the capital Kiev and Warsaw, but by a strange coincidence in Kaluga leads the other way.From a geographical point of view, Kaluga highway is a direct continuation of the current Trade Union Street in Moscow.

Problems south-westerly direction

To increase the capacity of the road and get rid of recurring on all its traffic jams throughout, should increase the number of traffic lanes and public transport provide separate dedicated bandwidth.Kaluga highway reconstruction project envisages the expansion of the track in the most tense areas in two or even two and a half times.The main difficulty here is not so much technical as in administration.The fact that the south-west are very popular.Therefore, vacant land, which must pass the expansion of federal highways on both sides of the road almost impossible to find.Even if the territory is not built, the site has an owner.And leave him without a benefit for themselves nobody wants.Without the exclusion of land ownership will not be able to expand the Kaluga highway, reconstruction of which, however, avoids the demolition of residential properties on the whole distance of work.For an acceptable solution to the land issue administrations suburbs have to put considerable effort.

What to do

To turn the road into a modern highway, it is not enough simply to expand and increase traffic lanes.Kaluga highway, reconstruction of which should be completed in about two years, get a number of engineering infrastructure.The most important of these is certainly the interchange at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road.When completed, it will meet the modern requirements.Kaluga highway reconstruction project, the scheme which provides for the organization bessvetofornogo movement, includes the construction and equipping of nine other intersections at different levels.This isolation in the warm camp, at the entrance to the shopping center "Mega", reversal tunnels at localities Mamyrov and gas pipelines, bridge over the River Pine, two tunnels in the area of ​​the residential complex on Dubrovka and trestle approach to the village Voskresenskoe.Throughout the route there will be 27 public transport equipped with special pavilions.

Stages large project

In full accordance with the principles of logistics, reconstruction Kaluga road scheme which includes a significant number of complex engineering facilities is divided into three stages.This allows you to concentrate all available power to the speedy completion of each of the sites, and ultimately the whole project.The length of the first section is about thirty kilometers from the junction with the ring road up to the village Voskresenskoe.In the second phase of reconstruction work will be done at a distance from the path of the Resurrection to the town of Troitsk.And the final third stage - the area from Ring Road to Troitsk.

interchange at Ring Road

One of the most problematic areas of the Kaluga highway is the beginning.Constant traffic jams had become accustomed as they approach the Trade Union Street to the ring road.The present here today a two-tier automotive interchange clearly ceased to perform its function adequately.Reconstruction of the interchanges Ring Road and the Kaluga road scheme which was approved as adopted to perform the first phase of the project includes the following activities: construction of a tunnel to the inside of the ring road in the Kaluga highway in the direction of the field (as a result of this isolation will be three-level), the construction of directionally reversal overpass onthe inner side of the Moscow Ring Road to the Kaluga road and construction of collector-distribution side passages along the Beltway.The side passages will be constructed in both directions of the road, they are designed to offload the main highway as you approach turns to the traffic flow in the denouement.The situation is complicated by the fact that all of the planned series of works on the reconstruction must be done without temporary decommissioning.But this practice has long been widespread.In developing the project of reconstruction of the engineering structure taken into account experience in designing similar facilities in Moscow and in the world's largest metropolitan areas.Road interchange at the intersection of highways is traditionally considered the most complex and expensive infrastructure.

bypass portions

rational aspects of the project should recognize the decision on the construction of bypass areas around existing residential areas.Historic Kaluga highway, reconstruction of which is to turn it into a modern highway passes through several settlements.Village Pines, where the project envisages the construction of a new bridge across the river the same name, the existing route is divided into two parts.Cross the road is not always easy because of the intense traffic flow.Bypass area will be long, but the traffic on it will be possible at a higher speed.In other areas foresees the construction of elevated pedestrian crossings.

Kaluga Highway: reconstruction of 2014 - the project completion date

Anyone who regularly use this route, can not help but be interested in the calendar the date of completion of repairs, which are currently carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.The information available is encouraging - land to the settlement Pines should be made in the third quarter of this year.Plot to Troitsk, according to the approved plan, was to be put into operation two years after the start of work.But today, the schedule is adjusted downward timing.And there is every reason to believe that the work on this distance will be completed in 18 months, in 2016.On the timing of the completion of the third part of the project - to the Ring Road area - say yet premature.This part of the project is under construction, and the timing of its anticipated completion is not approved.

Territory of New Moscow

In July 2012 made the historic decision to state a fundamental change in the geography of the city of Moscow.A large part of the territory of the Moscow region was included in the city limits.This means including what Kaluga highway ceased to be country roads.He appeared excellent prospects.In the coming years and decades, the capital destined to grow in the south-west.On both sides of the Kaluga road will be built new, modern apartment complexes, many commercial enterprises and service structures.Increase the investment attractiveness of the entire region, which is located near this road.


direction in the short term Kaluga highway should be one of the main thoroughfares of New Moscow.And this means, inter alia, also a need for its unloading from transport streams.Currently, developed options for the construction of duplicate runs, walking in a south-westerly direction.The first understudy Kaluga highway will run from the village of Pines to the Ring Road.Its construction considered appropriate on the grounds that the Kaluga highway can not cope with all of it bound for traffic flow even after the reconstruction.In favor of this project is also the fact that the route will pass through completely undeveloped territory.It does not require the demolition of housing and relocation of summed communications, which have a positive impact on the budget of the proposed construction.