Places where you can sell coins

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Opportunity to benefit from the unnecessary things - a thing, of course, pleasant.Today, the market for the sale of coins rose a real "boom".This stems from the erroneous announcement, an abundance of information about the possibility to get thousands of ruble coins.

Coins are in our hands, for various reasons.Some come to us from abroad, we will randomly find others among the old grandmother's things.Others may lie decades in the nursery piggy bank, forget about that.Finding a "treasure", many are wondering whether it is possible to capitalize on this.Indeed, where it is possible to sell the coins, which the store will not take?Try to understand.

Of course, as the first place to sell old coins, numismatic society should be considered.This kind of collectibles for many years has not lost its popularity, and an army of fans and collectors of banknotes has been steadily adding new participants.

almost every city you can find a coin club or a place where collectors meet regularly to exchange or purchase of coins and banknotes.If earlier about such a community could learn only from friends or from advertisements in the newspaper, the modern lovers of collectibles are actively communicating on the open spaces of the Internet.In this network itself can be regarded as the site where it is possible to sell the coin.This is where you can specify the approximate value of your existing instances and even find a buyer.

Another place where you can sell the coins of the USSR or of a State, are the various stalls and pavilions are located in shopping malls, at museums or galleries, and shops selling antique bagatelles.They tend to be engaged in buying and selling coins, household items and works of art belonging to different epochs.Here you will also be able to give advice about the value of money, which you have on hand.

Do not believe the words of the first expert who will give you advice or engage in evaluation.If you are not an expert in the field of numismatics (and the question "Where can I sell coins?" Exactly on this points), then the chance that you will tell the real value is somewhat reduced.Those who are engaged in this business professionally, do not tell the layman the true cost of even the most expensive coin in the world.Most likely, the price will intentionally fall.

In order to protect themselves from these options before going to the place or site where you can sell the coins, take some time to study the existing market, find the basic terms numismatists, look at the list of the most expensive coins.Who knows, maybe it is your coin worth several tens of thousands.But we want to warn you that the chances that you will be able to enrich the contents of the sale of the old piggy banks, not so much.So you can hear what your discovery is worth nothing.Do not be disappointed if the value of the coins will not exceed a few hundred rubles.The ability to acquire new knowledge, the excitement of the search and comparison - a worthy reward.So in any case, you in the loser will not stay.