BBQ grill with their hands from a brick.

lovers of delicious dishes of meat and fish, fried over an open fire or charcoal, for sure would like to build in his yard or in the gazebo is a structure like a barbecue.The most reliable and easy to use are considered to be variants of this brick furnace equipment.Projects barbecue grills, and there are many.Choice depends primarily on whether the purposes for which it is intended structure.

What's BBQ BBQ?

Species heating equipment designed for cooking food on fire, there is indeed a huge amount.By the principle of operation of the barbecue grill is almost the same.And here and there takes place cooking on charcoal, in both cases there is a chimney, and so on. D. Just today a barbecue or barbecue grills called the whole furnace systems.In them, among other things, can be switched plates seemed to countertops, fireplaces, grills, sinks, counters, and so on. D. Barbecue is usually a detached structure, having only the chimney.The only thing that is complemented by a furnace equipment - is woodsheds.

designers also often referred to as a barbecue facility in the event that the chimney had partially blocked.With this construction, the food will not only be fried, but also a little get baked through.In the course of barbecue smoke is completely open.

variety of projects

Species furnace equipment of this type in fact there are many.The most popular among the owners of suburban areas are the following projects barbecue barbecue:

  • With two tops on both sides.One of them is usually embedded sink.
  • C oven for cooking normal food.
  • with Kazan - construction for cooking pilaf.
  • grill.

often complex includes all of the elements.Well, of course, any barbecue grill complemented woodsheds.Complexes may be of conventional linear or T-shaped.Most often, they are installed in the pavilions.In any case, the canopy above them is a compulsory.

design facilities

Erected barbecue grill with poryadovkoy.Today is just a huge number of such schemes.Here for example is the most popular of them.

course is being built BBQ on a solid foundation.When installing a barbecue in the pavilion is necessary to observe fire safety rules.Sex before the barbecue should be covered with heat-resistant material.Needless construction should erect so that its walls are defended by walling gazebo (if wood) a minimum of 20 cm. The chimney extending through the roof, wrapped in a sheet of asbestos.Foundations gazebo and barbecue in common.

How to create a project on their own

Next, consider how simple elevated barbecue grill made of brick with his hands (under the grill with rotisserie, two tops, woodsheds and sink).In drafting such structures must first be defined with exactly where it is located.Choose a place to be so that the smoke from the chimney in a subsequent missed the window of an apartment house (or your neighbor's).

As if BBQ is located in the gazebo in the first place is being built by him.This method is considered to be more comfortable.Build a barbecue grill in the ready-made gazebo will be more difficult.The foundations of these buildings is usually poured simultaneously.In drafting should first decide on the size of the furnace equipment.Most often in suburban areas erecting barbecue height 1.7-1.8 m. The length of the complexes subject countertops can be arbitrary.The width of the barbecue often is 45-50 cm, height of the pedestal - 70-90 cm, grill - 50-70 cm.

Base under construction

Since the brick barbecue grill - construction rather difficult, the foundation under it arranged a solid,tile.Pour it in the following way:

  • digs a hole, the size of which depends on the size of the complex.
  • on its bottom layer of about 5 cm is poured sand.
  • Set formwork.
  • Mounted reinforcement cage of the rod 12 mm.
  • is poured concrete mixture (1x3).

After the solution grasp and pick up strength, surface finished basement waterproofing two layers of roofing material.

masonry structures

Next, let's look at how to actually being built barbecue grill.In the first stage over the waterproofing of the foundation is laid sploshnyakom area of ​​brick.In the future it will serve as a bottom woodsheds.Next

masonry conducted according to the selected poryadovkoy.For woodsheds, smokehouse, countertops and the chimney can use an ordinary brick.Better lay of the furnace refractory material using a clay solution.

Stands countertops woodsheds rise at the same time, making him a single structure.The bottom of the furnace is laid on steel corners.At the same stage in the same way you can lay out and one of the tops.Instead, over the brick and concrete slab may be used.Tu table top, which is mounted sink, it is better then just cover the metal sheet with a cut under the sink hole.

Front rim "trough" for coals usually pick up on two rows of bricks.The walls of the furnace structures such as a barbecue grill, erected to a height of about 70 cm (13 rows of bricks).Sometimes they over the "trough" Mount the metal hooks.Later they mounted removable skewer for grilling.The first row of the front wall of the chimney also laid out on the corner or concrete beam.Then the clutch is gradually narrowed.On top of the chimney is best to cover the metal "umbrella" or a visor.In the final phase in the steel sheet of the second countertop sink is mounted.

How to prepare clay solution

erect a barbecue grill can, as already mentioned, and cement mortar.However, the bottom and walls of the furnace is typically collected on the basis of a clay mixture.She prepared as follows:

  • clay soaked with water in a barrel the day before the start of work.
  • One day it is mixed with a mixer construction.The water is filled in such a quantity as to obtain a solution of a liquid consistency (store) of sour cream.
  • in any container filled with 8 liters of clay.
  • then added two buckets (10 liters) of fine sifted sand mining.
  • the mixture is poured a little (5 liters) of water, and everything is thoroughly mixed.

The resulting solution is necessary to add a little (1 kg) heat-resistant adhesive for stoves and fireplaces (can take "Profix").

What you need to know

The method described above allows you to prepare a very good solution that's perfect for the construction of facilities such as a barbecue grill, with their own hands.However, the proportions given above are approximate.The fact that different areas can have unequal clay oiliness.The resulting solution should be tested.For this small amount gaining on trowel and roll over last.The solution should not fall down.Then turn the trowel vertically.The solution in this case is to slowly slide.If the mixture falls in the coup, so it lacks the clay.If it does not trickle down to the supplied vertical trowel, it is necessary to add a little sand.

As you can see, to erect a brick BBQ BBQ (photo of the most popular projects are presented in the article) in the country with their own hands is possible.Best of all, think over in the preparation of the project and to find a suitable poryadovkoy.Use collected barbecue can begin no sooner than two weeks after construction.Otherwise, it can crack masonry firebox.