Savings: how to make cards for pensioners?

Many retirees are clients of different banks.But few banks provide a happy opportunity for people of retirement age to take the credit, because this category of clients is at risk (non-return of borrowed funds).Sberbank, giving the pension credit granted to senior citizens means vzaem while other banks have denied them in this because the elderly.

Savings: how to make cards for pensioners

To make this type of loan you need to provide bank employee passport, taxpayer identification number and a certificate of the amount of accrued pensions.Timing of solutions are usually not more than two days.In the event that a pensioner receiving a pension through the Savings Bank, then it will need to provide the documents only a passport, and the term of the decision will be reduced to two hours.If the pension contributions is charged by another bank, the card can be issued a visa.Savings often draws it without a contract, but it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this institution.In fact, many programs take into account the bank's customer loyalty.Therefore, borrowers, investors and other people who use the services of the Savings Bank, there are bonus programs, promotions and more.

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Savings: how to decorate a card and what are the conditions

conditions put forward by Sberbank to obtain a loan, it is quite justified and logical.Firstly, the age of the person taking the credit for such a program should be established by the legislation to reach retirement.That is, have the right to use this credit program, women 55 years and men 65 years.Secondly, at the end of the loan period the borrower's age shall not exceed 75 years.The loan amount can be razlnoy, it depends on the submitted documents.That is, if the pensioner is unable to provide the bank guarantee of repayment of funds, the amount of the loan will be from 15 thousand to 45 thousand rubles, and the repayment period of up to 3 years.If the bail can be granted, the amount and duration will increase accordingly.The subject of the mortgage can be as real estate and cars and precious metals or securities.

Savings: how to make a map pensioner (details)

interest rates will depend on the security conditions of the loan and its duration.Usually they are in the range of 15% -21% per annum.
If the amount offered by the bank, are not satisfied with the pensioner, it may increase the credit limit by providing the necessary documents.For working pensioners - it is usually an income statement from the employer.For the disabled - is the consent of his wife to become a co-borrower.In this case, an indicator of solvency of the borrower will benefit the spouse.What is remarkable is the fact that the co-borrower may be another person.For example, a son or daughter.In principle, children elderly people can learn more about all of the programs examined information on the topic: "Savings: how to make a map pensioner."

From the above it can be concluded that the terms of the loan from Sberbank more loyal to borrowers retirement age than in other commercial structures.Therefore, if the funds are needed very urgently, you should get a credit card Savings Bank, rather than risk trying to do it in other not so positive-minded institutions.