Execution of desires: Why should we want a lot?

«I only have one single desire - wiping away tears, said Olga.- That he came back. ""And yet?What would you like more? "Olga thought.And, looking at the empty coffee cup, he said softly: "That he came back ... really want to ... I do not want anything more."

only wish Olga was never implemented or a month or a year ... She tried unsuccessfully to "bring him back", has thrown his life and, in the end, decided that the desires are not fulfilled, to live as it is necessary, inalone.

What was the mistake of Olga?

to your desires fulfilled, want to have a lot!If you concentrate on a single desire, it gets to you supervaluation, and the probability of its implementation will be zero.Well, if you are very lucky, you get what you want in a hundred years, that is,its performance will be severely hampered.Life prefers to please the man with the different parties and fulfill different desires.Lack of desire to her signals that you do not want to live, and she was in no hurry to help you.

The more you want, the more will get.If in doubt, then refresh the memory "probability theory" and make sure that the number of executed desires depends on the total number in your "Diary of desire."By the way, get yourself this and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

to get what you want to append to his only desire at least another hundred.To do this you have to make some effort to tear your eyes away from the coveted object and look around.As you can see, the world is much broader and more diverse, and today he is ready to give you their gifts.If anything does not occur, then flip through magazines, take a walk around the city, shopping, go to the exhibition, a tour, and you will feel a push.At some point it will be a burst of energy and pleasant emotions.From thought to have "this" thing, or go "in the city" you will rise your spirits, you will smile, feel the surf through the streets of an unfamiliar city, as is the fact that as long as you can see in the picture pops up in my head ... the word "want".Yes!It is your desire!

not necessarily want to just "on a grand scale", maybe you just want a delicious ice cream or a walk "on voooon to the square," it can be to visit an old friend and cycling.The main thing that it caused a surge of energy and positive emotions.Check the validity of your desire, you can according to two criteria:

1. It relates to you personally.
2. is experienced with joy.

The most common mistake - much to someone's "desire."If you have a child saying that "beauty will save the world" and "it is necessary to be beautiful," you are growing up, firmly believes that "we must be beautiful," and forget that once were happy, studying astronomy in their "ugly" glasses.No wonder that today, sitting in a beauty salon, you feel sadness and disappointment.Desire, the word "must" can ruin your life, moreover, they were built in the minds of very quickly, and you can live your whole life in a vague longing, did not find his true substitute "want".Outwardly, it looks decently and properly, but the desire to "open a new star" is still there.It remains to shake off the dust from their favorite books, buy a telescope and realize desired.

should not wish "to my son were among five '," so he called me "," to Tesza / in-law went to the tundra ", etc.First, you want "someone else", and secondly, trying to take control of another person and to manipulate his behavior, and that's another story ...

formulate their wishes in the present tense as specific as possible and do not use negation.To your subconscious mind and the universe understood you correctly, mentally enter the picture where you've already got what you wanted.Feel this moment, appreciate the true desires (emotions) and step back.Thus, you inform the world that is your desire was not fulfilled.If you say "I'm not sick ...", it is assumed "disease" if formulate "I'm healthy ...", the order of "health".Just as "I am not alone," suggests loneliness, "I have a big family ..." suggests "family."Be careful in the wording!

By their wishes should be treated as a game and not to be afraid, if you still do not know how to implement it.The most common situation is "I see - I want - Ahh ... where I'll take so much money ?!Ahhh ... how I get there ?!Ehhh ... still would not have happened! »

In no case can not abandon their desires.If you do not know how to get what you want, it's not a reason to abandon it.Fix it on paper, in the "secret file" in the mind, and soon the universe will tell you what to do and where to go.Note the word "do" and "to go"!Remember that desire carried out, you must act!

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