Satellite - is something that accompanies the main

State satellite, satellite transmission, satellite antenna, satellite speakers, and even a satellite site.This common definition is used frequently and almost everyone who talks about politics, art and technology.This original meaning it is known not to everyone, but it seems that it stands for something cutting-edge, relevant to computers, communications, television or mechanics.Nevertheless, the word satelles (or formed from it in the genitive satellitis) was used by the ancient Romans.

satellite Roman nobles and planets

have nobles of Rome were constant companions, tracking their safety.Actually, they have today and the powers that are available, and they are called differently.Some leaders use the highest level of patriotic Russian word "bodyguard".Other Western-minded, prefer something overseas, such as "security" or "bodyguard."So, Roman satellite - a security guard bodyguard.

When it became clear that the moon revolves around the Earth, and not vice versa, it also became known in science in Latin.As long as the moon from the planet was one, and at the same time natural, astronomers have also called it a satellite.Tradition broke our "satellite", which entered the dictionaries of languages ​​around the world.However, soon after the Americans woke up and launch its own space orbiter began to call him «satellite», the astronauts and cosmonauts named.Well, the owner-master.Who starts, and he calls as he wants.

more satellite antennas are sometimes called the satellite.This terminology - a direct consequence of the translation from English.

Scientists and engineers with its satellites

study of cosmic structure of the universe gave rise to many of the technical ideas.Planetary gear - a kinematic system consisting of gears, the smaller of which is not only rotated around its own axis but wrapped around a central gear.The meaning of the satellite taken in mechanics, this is the name of such gears.They are used in a variety of devices, from watches to complex construction vehicles and spacecraft.

But not only the mechanics, and the physics of optics also use this term.In their understanding of the satellite - it's part of the spectral scan, which, according to the wave theory, a more vivid harmonic band.

political satellites

strong Each country has its own geopolitical interests, which help to comply with the Allies.However, there are always and opponents.For example, in Nazi Germany in the list of friendly countries including Italy, Spain, Romania, Japan, Hungary and several other countries that do not have on the fate of Hitler special influence.During World War II, each of them called offensive the word "satellite".It's not very flattering definition implies that the foreign policy of their own government does not have, and it should be imposed blindly "elder brother" of course.Something similar is happening in some countries today, with imitation and obedience imaginary ally carefully presented as the desire for independence, called "genuine".

Satellites Internet

But programmers have their own opinion about what is a satellite.It is a small site, the purpose of which is the main media in the promotion of the project.It is a set of links that lead the visitor "where necessary" and thus increase the traffic.Once logged in, the satellite, you can often get information on the cost of advertising services.Their content is small, and often to fill a few pages with the borrowed material from other sources.To avoid penalties, the texts are processed, which sometimes employ hired rewriter or copywriters.