Beyonce and Jay-Z - Off-wife

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Marriage singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay-Z - fell apart, together they remain exclusively for practical reasons.While keeping their overall business from divorce.

According Media Take Out (MTO), Bey and Jay live in a fictitious marriage.About her divorce, they supposedly going to announce after a joint concert tour later this year.This tour should bring a pair of stellar over 100 million dollars.

information about upcoming divorce, according MTO , confirmed the influential people from the entertainment industry.We can only wait and see.

And one more thing: it seems that Beyonce brings a finger tattoo, which she made in 2008 in honor of their wedding.On the ring finger poke singer was the Roman numeral "IV".As you know, a star's birthday on 4 September her husband - 4 December, and they were married on April 4.This tattoo has become a substitute for the singer ring.She did not want to wear every day now - decoration with 18-carat diamond valued at $ 5 million.The same tattoo done himself and Jay-Z.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay-Z "change your mind" and still decided to attend the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye Uesta.Kak sources say, Jay-Z even act as best man West.

After receiving an official apology from the Queen Bee and her still husband to arrive for the wedding they can not, Kanye was blown away by getting a surprise gift and glad tidings that friends change your mind and joyful day will be next to the newlyweds, according RadarOnline .

best news came when Jay-Z Kanye sent a gift with a note, which was signed by the so - "Your the best man."The gift was the diamond-encrusted gold-plated case, the cat was in the collection bottle of whiskey without the "packaging" pulling $ 10,000.The note was the desire to drink it together on the wedding day.

"Kanye was so excited that it literally jumps for joy. He ran through the house in search of Kris Jenner and Kim shouted," Honey, look!Look!Jay and B go! "- Told the informant from the inner circle Kardashian and West.

According men cunning in public relations policy, Beyonce and Jay-Z changed their minds and accepted the invitation Kardashian and West, to divert attention from the recent skanadala in their family. This is a film from the cameras and video surveillance in an elevator, who filmed like a sister Knowles, Solange, beating Jay-Z, while itself Beyonce idly stand by. Before the upcoming lucrative tour it such a scandal does not need.

Beyonce and Jay-Z together worth almost a billion dollars - 900.7 million, making them one of the ten richest stellar pairs in mire.Chast rap mogul is in this amount - 500.1 million dollars, the share of his wife - 350 million. The rest - it's total assets.

Last year couple together earned 94.28 million dollars from the record sales of their records, related products and tours.

Their property includes a luxury apartment in New York, the mansion in Westchester County,New York, as well as coastal villa in Miami.And, according to rumors, the couple owned the whole island in the Bahamas.

Photo Source: WENN