How to restore your hair after coloring and chemistry.Shampoo , whey and butter for damaged hair

All women inherent desire from time to time to change their image.First and foremost, they start from the hair.Variety of colors allows you to easily change the color of hair, but many hair salons offer their services for a chemical wave.

Unfortunately, after these procedures often lose their hair natural shine.It happens that the dyeing or perming attenuate them.They break off and begin to fall.The growth shag stops.

modern cosmetic industry manufactures products for curling and coloring are not as aggressive as they have been recently.But, despite this, how to restore your hair after these procedures, you must know every woman.This will restore the health of curls and give them a silky.

Application Shampoo

How to repair damaged hair after dyeing procedure or a perm?To do this, the cosmetic industry offers a wide range of therapeutic shampoos.The main purpose of these funds is to solve the problems of falling and damaged hair.When choosing a therapeutic shampoo should pay attention to its composition.The important ingredients that strengthen hair follicles are ketoconazole, minoxidil and amineksil.It should not be part of such sulphate shampoo.These substances are highly dried scalp.This especially comes in contact, lasting more than five minutes.In order not to make the wrong choice of therapeutic beauty products for shampooing, before purchase is recommended to consult trihologa.

But whatever therapeutic shampoo may have been purchased, it is necessary to use the courses.After three or four months of the application must follow a two-month break.

independent production of therapeutic agents

Shampoo hair damaged by coloring or a perm, you can make yourself.At the same time the use of such funds may even surpass that which has bought in the store.There are a huge number of folk ways to restore hair using natural products without using any "chemistry."

most popular recipe includes in its membership kefir, soured milk or yogurt.These products are able to form around the hair of the fat that protects it from harmful environmental effects.Use these tools simply.Kefir or yogurt liberally greased hair.On his head is put a plastic bag.After half an hour to wash hair with warm water and rinse with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice.

regain lost health tresses will rye shampoo.His cooking does not take much time, and the effect will please every woman.For a therapeutic agent takes a slice of rye bread.With the help of hot water should be rubbed into mush, and pass through a sieve.After some time, the present agent is applied to the hair.Ten minutes later, it washed off with water.This shampoo will not only improve the state of the external locks, but also increase their volume.

How to restore your hair using herbs?To do this, a mixture of calendula flowers, hops, birch leaves and leaves of burdock is required to make a shampoo.All ingredients should be taken in equal proportions and pour one cup of hot light beer.The mixture is brewed, filtered in the form of heat is used as a shampoo.Three tablespoons of the therapeutic agent is recommended to be mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, egg and two drops of essential oil (you can take any).

application restores serum

If damaged hair is not enough care in the form of shampoo application, it is recommended to additionally use other means.They are reducing serum for hair.Its application will instantly give the curls soft and shiny.

Serum designed for hair, is a concentrated agent.It combines vitamins and smoothing components, which are much easier to comb.Apply this remedy after shampooing, before laying.

quality whey is a versatile tool.Its use will save a large amount of time spent on the mask.Before you buy, read the composition of the serum.If the tool is really good, it will have the ability to moisturize the hair and protect them from external influences.On the first task perfectly cope Organova and shea butter.These elements can penetrate deeply into the structure of dried or perm damaged hair dye.The qualitative serum should contain ceramides.These components are perfectly smooth damaged hair scales and eliminates the problem of split ends.The serum may contain a variety of active ingredients.Their list includes proteins and oils, pro-vitamins and extracts, biopolymers and elastin, trace elements and D-panthenol.The composition of the cosmetic product depends on its purpose.

What are the serum?

manufacturer of cosmetics produced various kinds of effective means for hair restoration.The most popular are those of serum:

- against split ends;
- to speed up hair growth;
- prevent loss.

All these funds in a short period of time will provide the desired result.But do not forget about the popular recipes.After all ready serum is expensive and means made at home will take care of your hair worse.This grandmother recipes include quite affordable for each product.

Whey.Means for hair health, home-cooked

Miraculous product is prepared using conventional whey.To obtain Kvass milk.Curdled milk is poured into a saucepan and put on fire, which is cut off after the appearance of white flakes.The mixture was filtered through cheesecloth.The result obtained from milk curd and whey.And use it to restore the health of the hair.Producing means cooled, partitioned whose volume is 150 ml.The sterile containers whey stored in the refrigerator.

Application miracle product

How to restore your hair with the help of this tool?In one part of whey is added infusions of burdock and chamomile pharmacy, as well as just a few drops of vitamin A and D. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp.Also, it should be spread evenly over the hair.At the head wear cellophane.Forty minutes later, the serum is washed off.In the case where it is a home remedy is used twice a week, it will be produced the desired effect.Stop hair fall out, pushitsya, acquire brilliance.Fully revive the hair will help the systematic use of a serum.

application restores masks

After dyeing and perms should be used stimulant, vitamin and nutritional agents.These are the hair mask.After applying hair coloring agents are shiny, soft and smooth, just a few days.After residues deposited in the barbershop balm will be washed away, loses hair healthy.How to restore your hair after coloring?

It is recommended the use of masks.This procedure must be regular.Only then dyed hair will be healthy and well-groomed.Good effect can be obtained by using domestic regenerating hair mask.The result will be obtained magnificent.

reducing Recipes masks

Enough efficient use of funds from the yolks.This mask is recommended for dry colored hair.For its preparation is necessary to take two pieces of raw chicken egg yolks and 1 tablespooncastor oil.The ingredients are mixed and applied to the hair.It uses a large-toothed comb.The oil agent is not washed off within the hour.

In winter will help restore damaged hair mask tablespoon burdock oil, the same amount of sea buckthorn oil, as well as three capsules of vitamin A and E. As

after the "chemistry" to restore your hair?This will require to make nettle bread-mask.Four tablespoons of herbal raw materials necessary to pour hot water.Twenty minutes later, the infusion is poured a hundred grams of cream.The mixture was added a couple of slices of bread crumbled.Ten minutes later, a mask is applied to the hair.Wash it in half an hour.

Application oils for hair

After the procedure, coloring or perm hair noticeably weakened.In order to restore and strengthen them, it is recommended to use restorative hair oil.They may be burdock and castor.A good effect is obtained by using olive oil and flax, as well as many other natural oils.They will have a positive effect on the scalp and damaged by staining or perm hair.If the tips are cut, it can be cured with the help of fish oil.Restore them, and castor oil.


In the case where after staining want to quickly restore hair for a while you need to give up the curling iron and hair dryer.Not recommended for use as irons and other appliances that have a thermal effect on the hair.While the locks are not recovered, should abandon the perm.When painting should be applied henna, basma or other natural substances.