Lincoln Continental: timeless

cars in the world one of the most honorable places takes "Lincoln Continental".It is - the eternal classic, the symbol of the era, the luxury and the personification of the American dream.It is a machine that captivates from the first moment, the first cursory glance at her.

brand history begins in 1917 with a small company "Lincoln Motor", specializing in the production of cars of a class "lux".The office of the company, which later became part of the Henry Ford Corporation, is the city of Dearborn, Michigan.The enterprise founded by Henry Leland (after it left the "Cadillac").Together with his son, Henry gave the world the company, which was named after the famous president of the United States.First, they produce engines for military aircraft mission, and later began to build and cars.

Despite the fact that their first model ("Lincoln V8») has been very successful, the company is experiencing financial difficulties.Therefore, in 1922 it was acquired by Ford and made a major competitor "Cadillac".For many years this brand cars were a favorite model of the elite (very different).It is preferred to high-ranking government officials, gangsters, oil tycoons.On such a car in Soviet books portrayed the famous "Mr. Twister."

After the death of Henry Leland, the company headed by Edsel Ford, the only son of automobile magnate.During the Great Depression significantly dropped the demand for luxury cars.Therefore, the corporation has offered the public more fuel-efficient cars, "Lincoln KB», "Zephyr".In 1939 appears the famous convertible class "luxury» - "Lincoln Continental".Buy this model felt obliged to many American presidents and tycoons.From US fashion it spread to Europe.

legendary "Lincoln Continental" was issued and after the Second World War.Already in 1956, based on the model created "Lincoln Premier".In the seventies of the twentieth century all the cars of this brand have changed the style and steel units and units equipped with "Ford".In the eighties, the world saw the elegant "Lincoln Continental" (coupe).The latest version of the model that is significantly different from their famous ancestors, was released in 1995.

Classic "Lincoln Continental" had a five-liter V12 engine with a capacity of hundred twenty-five horsepower.It is equipped with a three-stage automatic transmission.Behind it was fixed the title of the most expensive car in the world.In 1956, the cost of such a machine was about ten thousand dollars.She drove Frank Sinatra, Nelson Rockefeller, Elvis Presley, Henry Kissinger.In 1965, "Lincoln Continental" was released specifically to President Kennedy, in which he was killed.It is also interesting that the three rare models, "Lincoln Continental" (1975-1976 model years) were in the funeral procession of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Today, this legend of automotive industry afford not to everyone.Such instances are the pride of collectors of retro cars.And, of course, the royal charm they bring to any event: wedding, anniversary, birthday.Just imagine how his eyes light up your favorite, if a marriage proposal, you do it against the backdrop of "Lincoln Continental"?And it is because of this, believe me!

Now that you know a lot about the car industry's masterpiece!