Dodge Challenger 1970 - the legend of the American automobile industry

Once Dodge Challenger 1970 took its place among the Big Three car.It was then, this model has brought to the class of muscle cars course really new: the longest range of engines (from the seven-liter V8 up to 3,700-liter six. Dodge Challenger 1970 is a worthy response to the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang.

debut Dodge Challenger 1970 held in late 1969year. Although the body it was korotkozady and long-nosed, the space inside was a little more, as the wheelbase of the car has been increased by five centimeters. First Dodge Challenger was offered only in the hardtop body (two-door) or the back of a convertible in SE, R / T orT / A equipment. But first of all Dodge Challenger it was interested in a wide choice of engines: a 3,700-liter, 145 losh.sil .; 5,200-liter, 230 losh.sil .; 5,600-liter, 275 losh.sil .; 6,300-liter, 290, 330 and 335 losh.sil .; 7-liter, 375 losh.sil .; 7.200-liter, 375 or 390 losh.sil.

Dodge Challenger 1970 T / A - this is one of the first mass-produced carsin which the size of the front and rear wheels differ.1970 Challenger R / T Convertible produced on conveyor production up until 1972.

motors were provided following transmission: TorqueFlite automatic transmission and manual transmission with three or four steps.Modifications 1970 Dodge Challenger with ICE Big Unit could be equipped with a fairly powerful differential increased friction Dana 60.

Painting Only sporty style Dodge Challenger 1970. Mainly used contrasting colors' orange HEMI »and« plum crazy "with aktsentriruyuschimi stripes on the body.As future car owners could order a dual air intake on the hood, a blower or a rear wing on the trunk.

Dodge Challenger was sent to the races in the first year of release.Exclusively for this was the limited edition version of the T / A.In 1970 Dodge Challenger was fourth in the race Trans-Am.

In 1971 Dodge Challenger 1970 appearance was slightly updated.Changed grille and taillights.In versions of R / T came back open plastic panes.In the same year, stopped producing 1970 Dodge Challenger T / A, since he is no longer involved in the race, and convertible R / T.Because of the new standards, which were adopted by the Community Protection of Nature, there have been some changes in the list of engines.

In 1972, due to more stringent requirements and continuous increase in the price of insurance Dodge Challenger 1970 again underwent a change.In addition, torque and power has come to be measured on the basis of "net".This led to a decline in twenty or thirty percent.This year, Dodge is only offered with three engines, migrated to unleaded petrol.

In 1973, adopted new standards on car bumpers.This led to the only change in appearance Dodge Challenger 1970. New bumpers were large pieces of rubber that were outside of the body.

In 1974, the Dodge Challenger became equipped with inertia seat belts, as well as a system to prevent start the engine, if someone in the cabin is not tacked on.Set motors also changed.5,200-liter remained, but there was a new - 5,900-liter engine capacity of 245 losh.sil.

Dodge Challenger production ceased in 1974.For five years, Dodge has collected and sold 1880600 vehicles.

cost Dodge Challenger 1970

Price in Russia on this model depends on the year of manufacture, engine power and the type of body.The most expensive car - a Challenger, released in 1970 and which had the engine HEMI.