How to make a cat for Halloween?

New Year Carnival, which entered recently in our Halloween fashion, various costume parties - events funny, colorful, but requires certain skills transformed.To do this, it is important not only to choose the appropriate attire, but also the right make-up to completely fit the selected image.

why cats

For example, you need to prepare for Halloween.It is clear that any lady vamp, witches, vampire, witches there will be enough.But I want to do something unusual, original, it stands out from the rest of you ladies of society.In this case, try to make the cat!Halloween is a very profitable and the right idea.On the one hand, there should be some form of "devilry," something frightening ... slightly.On the other - feline grace, elegance, refinement long been proverbial.In a word, "to be a woman some mystery ...".This charming mystery, exciting appeal to you and will help create a make-up cat on Halloween.

types of makeup

So, with the appearance you are undecided.It remains to clarify the details.And the first - you're wearing a mask or not.It depends on how deep you need to complete and make-up cat.On Halloween mask is required only on the part of the face - the top.And in this case the focus you have to pay the eyes and the mouth line.If you make full with the recreation of the individual parts - should make up his eyebrows and nose and cheeks.

Set Makeup Cosmetics

cat - Halloween or any other holiday - related to the theater, or a professional.No, to be cast on the face, not necessarily to use the services of makeup artists.You can handle themselves.But cosmetics is highly desirable quality, professional.Then make a cat on the face you hold the right amount of time, will not require adjustments, are not smeared makeup, not osypletsya and so. On. To make the image more realistic, you can insert into your eyes bright green contact lenses.Required except eyeliner, pencil, shadow, powder and lipstick and cook konseler foundation.

few words about the age

way, is even possible to make the kids and the middle and upper age groups Sadowski makeup cat.For children (not only girls but also boys!), This image would be no less interesting than the adults.And the students he would have liked very much, too.Say more: and small, and for teens and for young people (only here is we are talking about women), and even mature, but good-looking women's sweet, playful, sexy kitty - perfect for fancy-dress event, matinee whether itkindergarten, school carnival or corporate at work.However, if you are going to do makeup for the cat girl or boy, make sure that cosmetics were hypoallergenic, because children's skin is particularly delicate and sensitive.

Step by Step Training Face

Now specifically about how to do make-up cat.Prepare person: it must be well cleaned.Apply any moisturizer, very light, and let it soak.Then place the basic framework under makeup.The defects of the skin, dark circles under the eyes, pimples masked consigliere.Now turn toners.Their color should be close to the natural: light tan, old ivory, chocolate milk.Blush is better not to impose.Or use two options: make imperceptible pinkness of the cheeks, or on the contrary, decorative and colorful.The latter method is more suitable for laying small children or the children of secondary school age.

eyebrows and eyes

Eyebrows desirable disguise at all, then to depict a cat, or simply touch up a pencil and shadows, so they no longer fit into your future piquant muzzle.Extend the line of the nose down to the nose.Now his eyes.They are paid in this manner maximum attention.After all, in ancient Egypt, where, in fact, this makeup was invented, the eyes of a pet compared with two suns.And they give the appearance of your entire special expressiveness.So pencil held a clear line from the inner corner of the eye to the outside with a smooth lifting to his temples.The ends of the arrows should resemble wings.Top toning matte black shadows themselves "wings" lightly feathered by dark gray.The next line (compared to previous) held silvery shadows or light gray.Now clean the applicator should be well grind all three, trying to keep the two look the same century.Go to the bottom edge.First, a white pencil (or eyeliner, shadow) have to draw the shape of a cat's eye.This can be quite a thick line.And on top of it, more subtly and gracefully, draw a section of the black cat.The final touch - the application of mascara to the eyelashes.

line nose

underline nose extension eyebrows - down from both sides.Also extended, falling down the inner corner of the eye.Next dark powder can accentuate the wings of the nose, making them more expressive and form closer to the feline.The tip of the nose downwards dye soft pink blush and dark shadows.Use the trapezoidal shape, more like the noses of animals.

mouth, lips

Highlight the hollow between the upper lip and nose.Make a sponge, "bow", paint them cherry, raspberry, coral lipstick.The contours are somewhat vague though.To this end, having made up the mouth, push him a napkin.Will remove excess lipstick, and the original line drawing lose sharpness - that we want.Top Apply shine.Or do otherwise.Dark, but not black (dark gray, brown) with a pencil draw around the mouth, drawing the desired silhouette.Then fill it with the dark shadows.And secure shine.Experiment to get the best effect.

Finishing Touches Finally

were little things that need to complete the image.On the cheeks, draw a black or brown dots.And spend a few dashes imitating mustache.Do it with pencil thin ochinennym pencil.Well, everything is ready!Master hairstyle, and to enhance the effect of similarity, put on hair hoop with ears.As you can see, spending a little time, you will master the art of transformation, becoming a mysterious, unique, sexy temptress-cat subjugator men's hearts!