The gynecologist-endocrinologist - more than just a female doctor

Hormonal changes in the body can cause many gynecological problems.At times, the usual obstetrician-gynecologist rather difficult to determine the diagnosis and further treatment strategy, in certain cases it is necessary to conclude an endocrinologist.But in the case of gynecological diseases, complicated by the deterioration of the endocrine system, it is better to cure engaged gynecologist-endocrinologist.It is this specialist will be able to adequately assess the level of hormones in the body, assigning only the necessary tests to determine their effects on the reproductive system and treat.

also a good idea when the gynecologist-endocrinologist advises pregnant women.After all, this state provokes significant hormonal changes in the body of the future mother, the restructuring of many systems, including endocrine and turns.Thus, only a gynecologist-endocrinologist can determine not manifest itself in a variety of thyroid and adrenal glands, to identify diabetes, it is a sign of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Women who even before the beginning of the pregnancy was detected diabetes mellitus (it does not matter, it is the first or second type) were obese or some other problem, it must consult with a doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist.He must observe a woman even after delivery, because often in this period is necessary to conduct additional diagnostics and, if necessary, correct treatment.

Despite the fact that the consultation of the doctor's specialization require many women to find a competent expert is even difficult in big cities, not to mention the provincial cities.Ideally, only a gynecologist-endocrinologist should observe women with endocrine problems arising both before and during pregnancy.

But the consultation of a specialist is needed, not only during pregnancy.So, should sign up to the gynecologist-endocrinologist at the reception if you experience causeless weakness, sudden weight change, increased emotionality.It is also an occasion for consultations should be following conditions: constant feeling of dryness in the mouth, frequent thirst, frequent urination, the deterioration of the hair and nails.Timely detection of endocrine problems will make it possible as soon as possible to correct the condition, cause hormones to normal, resulting in the best mood enhancing, get rid of possible future problems with conception and intra healthy baby.

Gynecology, Endocrinology now quite dynamically developing in tandem: the detection of a number of gynecological problems gynecologists are increasingly sending their patients to an endocrinologist.Although much better if the problem is solved is a gynecologist-endocrinologist, which is able to adequately evaluate the work of the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal gland, the hypothalamus, and assess their impact on the ovaries, the state of the mammary glands, and even the cardiovascular and nervous systems.