Who to go to work?

fair to clarify that the Prince of Denmark on such matters hardly ever thought, since from birth until his death he held the position of heir to the throne, but the question of who to go to work, this does not become less dramatic.

If Shakespeare and dedicated to this subject a separate tragedy, it does not mean that the world's literature in general it has been neglected.Suffice it to recall textbook Mayakovsky's poem "Who to be?", 17-year-old hero who is tormented by doubts Hamlet not weaker, and in the end comes to a cheerful conclusion: "All good works, choose the taste!"

Alas, not everyone who is facing a difficult choice and decide whom to go to work, share this optimistic assessment.Give another fact not just a job, but only paying!Someone who likes to exercise, but someone must be a purely intellectual exercise - is where the need to strain your brain rather than brawn.Sometimes these claims are fancifully combined .... "I am ready to take on any brain work - until someone vyshibaniya brains" - so frank O. Henry character named Black Bill, which did not suit the modest position of sheep herder.

order is not reached to such extremes, there are special institutions for employment - from agencies to the labor exchanges.In response to a request they provide vacancies in various fields, and the applicant has itself decides how it suits this or that position.If the request is worded as follows: "What the student to go to work?", The main criterion is usually not so high pay as the opportunity to work on the job learning.As a rule, the larger the city, the easier it is to find in it something for your taste.For example, the question of who to go to work in Moscow, certainly has a better chance of success than in the case when it comes to the provincial district center.As a consequence, there is a continuous drain of workers from disadvantaged with regard to employment regions, which entails a number of challenges: demographic, economic, social, etc.

In this regard, it should be noted that the issue of employment in almost all countries considered to be one of the priority tasks of the government.The problem with that, how many people where and whom to go to work, is very important.Its relevance is extremely high, and because it is developed at the level of national programs.Indeed, who, if not the government, to take care that the citizens can earn to pay taxes, adding to this budget?But do not rely only on the support of government agencies, because, in the end, the one who is given a nagging question about who to go to work, most of all interested in its decision.Of course, to find a job that corresponds to absolutely all the requirements put forward to it, it is difficult (if not impossible).But it all depends on the sense of purpose of the applicant, of his will, talent and perseverance.