How to remove grass in Rust: instructions and comments

Online games developed by leaps and bounds.Today, the popularity of the genre began to gain Survival.You can survive on a desert island, or to hide from the monster.However, everything is reduced to a single task - to survive.It belongs to her, and we are considering the game Rust.


So what is Rust?The action takes place on the island.You and the other players start with a completely naked character in possession of only a stone torch and bandages.Your task - to survive.What's the catch?Not only that, you will hunt for the local fauna, zombies and gangsters, the other players will also try to take away from you is vitally acquired property.And do not just take, they can kill and rob, and even grab you built a house.With all of this you have to produce their own food, cook it and develop the defense of the home.The game is completely absent privatization.Everything you create can be assigned to other players.And most importantly - wasted time.

How does this relate to the following question: "How to remove grass in Rust?".The lack of grass and make the game even less interesting, but will greatly ease your life.You will increase your own review, and no one is hidden from you.But there is another side to the coin.Always remember that the other players can also turn off the pot and hide in it will not only be useless, but also dangerous.

Reasons Why might want to disable the grass in Rust?There are several reasons.One of them was already mentioned.However, you should know, and something else:

  1. Cases of problems with the display of grass.She begins to flicker, disappear and reappear.This distraction, annoying and may lead to irreparable consequences.
  2. improve performance.This game is built on a more or less modern engine, so some computers may lose productivity because of the abundance of grass.Then you have no choice but to remove the grass in Rust.After that performance increases interest on 20.

This is perhaps the main reason why players are looking for how to turn off the grass in Rust.


Well, here we finally got to the question of interest to us.There are several ways to remove the grass in Rust.It all depends on what version of the game you have installed.

  1. Initially disable the grass in the game could be the console.To do this by going to the game session, press F1.In the opened command console dial grass.on false.Accordingly, in order to restore the vegetation mapping, you must enter grass.on true.If the team does not pass, you need to try again.
  2. The new version Rust off is done in a different way.To do this, you have to call up the menu graphics settings by pressing F2.We find there the value Grass Quality.It is responsible for the quality of the grass (literally).Sets the value to 0. Therefore, most of the vegetation will disappear.Of course, not all, but this will be enough to remove the logs and increase productivity toys.

That's all you can tell us about how to remove the grass in Rust.We hope you will like this game, but these tips will help in the difficult task of survival among the other players angry.Remember that you can only trust yourself.