Manicure Trends Fall 2012

Manicured hands with beautifully executed manicure - this is a basic part of the image at all times.Another thing is color accents - they change from season to season.Therefore, to properly complement your look, you need to know what trends prevail in the world of fashion, and that would be particularly advantageous to emphasize a particular style.

French charm Since ORLY founder Jeff Pink has created a jacket (and that was over 30 years ago), this type of manicure is most popular in the world.But now is the time to create his creative variations.Choose any contrasting colors and textures for the new and original combinations.For example, it will look fine dark blue tint lacquer complemented by a silver line of a smile.Also worth a try, a kind of "Changeling" by the French - moon manicure.To create the nail hole, not the tip, covered with bright or dark color.Possible colors can be very diverse.But to create a particularly conceptual image can be advised to use the classic combination of black and white.

natural charm

at a fashion show famous design houses the fall 2012 season, models often used corporal paints, beige, light brown shades - everything that fits the English concept «nude» - «naked."These colors are universal, since in harmony with any skin tone and fit perfectly to any style of dress.Also, it is no secret that the light beige shade of varnish visually lengthens fingers.That is why a beige lacquers can be called all-season must-have for manicure.It is necessary to try them, especially if the summer you favored bright colors.

Autumn gamma

of course, is definitely one of the favorites of all time, but it can acquire a different meaning.This season will be fashionable to pick up the tone of the varnish under the colors of the autumn leaves.Yellow, orange, red, burgundy shades, undoubtedly a winning option for those who want to be in harmony with nature.Fired Up Collection from ORLY is a wide range of stunning autumn colors to suit all tastes.Incredibly rich texture varnish is the perfect addition to any stylish solution of the new season.

ROCKovye shades

modify Gothic and glam rock simply can not exist without these colors.This manicure will especially enjoy the extraordinary ladies who are prone to the courage and originality.You can choose from the array of color options: dark blue, chocolate, gray, purple or cherry.Especially good are paints will look at short marigolds.As ever popular again is black.What does it Demo manicure, made them not only the representatives of rock culture, and pop stars such as Katie Perry.Her favorite shade Liquid Vinyl from ORLY.

colors high grade

Metal polish shades - bright bar, giving the image of futuristic.Gold, copper, silver colors look on nails expensive, elegant and stylish, and in addition, suitable for almost any occasion.The only thing is to remember that you can not overload an image similar accents.If you chose a metallic shade of nail, make a natural makeup and bypassed a minimum of accessories.The golden mean - a trend at all times!

Fashionable design

Solid varnish - the current trend.But there are many other types of manicure, drawings and patterns through which nails can tune in a new way.For example, you may want to decorate the picture just a little finger.A pattern specially to pick together.Do not hesitate in choosing colors and prints.At the fashion shows in New York, we were presented such kinds of manicure as "peas" - the combination of black and white lacquers and "Lollipop" - multi-colored spheres on the whole surface of the nail.

interesting solution design nails - manicure-stretching or gradient.It accepts all colors.Color "stretched" by a darker shade at the base of the nail to the light tone - at the tip.Or thumb nail varnish applied to the dark that lights up when switching to the nails on these fingers of the hand and becomes very light on the little finger.The highlight of the gradient is the correct choice: the transition from one shade to another should not be harsh.

Be aware of fashion trends, it is to be ready for new challenges.Recent decisions of nail design will help create new anything not related images and stay in a good mood.At the ORLY so easy to come in line with fashion.Brilliant ideas for each day will help add bright accents in your life!