Checkbook as a way to withdraw funds from the account

legal entities most of its calculation is made using the cashless payments.However, there are times when without cash can not do.For example, many organizations still pay wages in cash, sometimes it takes a small amount of money for domestic needs or for the issue of accountability in.To withdraw funds from the account in Russia can be used two ways: corporate card and checkbook money.The second way in our country is more popular as it is considered more secure.

monetary checkbook - a form of strict accountability, which is a cash receipt forms, stitched by 25 or 50 pieces.Get this book can be a bank carries out cash management services company after writing an application.For issuance of a check the bank is entitled to charge a fee.Usually it does not exceed two hundred rubles.

cash checks, which includes a checkbook, consist of three parts of the check, the spine and the control of the brand.The front side of the check contains information on the current account, the amount issued, the person who issued the money, the date of registration of the check.In addition, it houses signatures of officials of the organization and the press, which necessarily are verified bank employee card with sample signatures and seal.This ensures that withdrawals will not happen without the knowledge of its owner.

downside of receipt contains information about the purpose of withdrawal, the signature of the recipient as well as the details of the identity document of the recipient.In addition, there is a field to fill the bank employees, which indicates the date of payment receipt and signature of the person, check check, to exercise control, as well as the cashier issuing money.

Each credit institution is required to make recommendations on the basis of which the filling of the checkbook.But there are general rules: not allowed to have the check corrections, errors and corrections.Fill a check can be blue, black or purple ballpoint pen.Do not use a number of different grips.In the sum of the writing starts from the beginning of the line - right up to the edge, space crossed out two features.In addition to the check stub necessarily filled, based on which the accounting organization made the appropriate records, and issued credit cash order.

Spoiled checks, as well as the roots are not discarded, they should be stored in the safe company as itself checkbook.In an organization it off-balance sheet 006, which is called "Forms of the strict reporting."The check is valid for ten days from the date of its registration, the very same checkbook has no validity.She returned to the bank only when closing a current account.

In general, banks are very strict checks to be filled, so this job requires a person of increased alertness and accuracy.