4 easy ways to save money without hurting themselves

tell you, too, are trying to increase their earnings by 200, 400 or 700 dollars a month?And when it works out, I was surprised to discover that free money does not actually become more and spending increased proportionally.Well, you're not alone in this - there is a problem for most people.But the good news is that at virtually any level of income can be financially successful - that is, spend less than you earn.Let's think about how to save money safely, and how to begin the path to financial freedom.

Step One - the most important

can wake up one long dream of wealth, present, visualize ... But without your specific action it will be an exercise in futility.The first and most important secret of the rich - always spend less than you earn.

Follow this very simple: Make it a rule to set aside 10% of any amount that gets into your hands.Keep a separate savings account and without doubt and reasoning - you save money!So every month you will pay not only the sellers of food, clothing and entertainment, but also to themselves.You have no idea how calmly and confidently will feel in life.

So, you are left with 90% of revenue.And there comes a ...

Step two: how to save money

We all want to live here and now, getting from the good life and joy.Fear of refuse, injure themselves often keeps people from saving.But there are many ways to save money almost imperceptibly.

1. Protect yourself from unnecessary spending!

impulsive purchases - this is a huge gap, which leaked a lot of money.They bring momentary joy, and then can only taste of regret for wasted funds.You can protect yourself with a few simple techniques:

- Stick to your purse bright sticker that says, "You really need it?" This phrase helps to keep 70% of the funds from the reckless spending.Just do not forget to periodically change the color of the sticker and the text of the question to the attention of not "zamylivaetsya."

- Never buy expensive things at once.Take time out: one day of deliberation for every $ 100 price.

2. Save on everyday purchases!

Saving money on food - a great way to save from 50 to 200 dollars a month.

- Write a list before you go to the store.This simple rule helps to not be distracted and only buy what you really need.After all, so often we go to the supermarket just to buy some bread and there along the way to spend ten times as much.Simply follow the list will safely avoid it.

- Do not go to the store on an empty stomach.It's a psychological trick: a hungry man is buying 30-40% more food than it really needs.It seems delicious and vital, almost all the food in the store!So - first, eat, and then spend the money.

- Home savings do not like semi-finished and packaged products.Do the math yourself: weighed goods and food made by yourself, there are about 30-40% cheaper than their poluprigotovlennyh and expansion in sachets colleagues.

3. Be wary of buying new items and to order products!

How to save money on this?Very simple: wait a couple of months until the hype subsides on svezhevypuschennoy phone model, TV, or other equipment.The price is always falling on average by 30%, and the quality of the product remains the same.The same thing happens with the "exhibition goods" - manufacturers sell it at a substantial discount.

4. Get rid of unnecessary pathos!

tell you is more important - to go or checkered?What overpayment for things you do well-known brand, a status car or watch?Check it out - there are many things that you can buy half the price without losing quality.

If you stubbornly choose yourself only expensive brands, it does not agree with the real financial opportunities, then it is an occasion to reflect - and if everything is OK with your self-esteem and self-confidence?Maybe you're so trying to buy a domestic well-being?But that's a different story.

Thus we have shown the simplest ways to save money.Try to form a new habit of these, which are all rich people.It is not difficult.But it's guaranteed to improve your life!