How to attract money?

Currently, there are a wealth of information about how to attract money and wealth.Books and articles on the subject enough.However, as a rule, thoroughly studied the literature, purchasing necessary amulets and talismans, the long-awaited money you have to wait a very long time!So what the ways you can speed up the process for their preparation?

you should follow some recommendations:

  • operation, whose purpose - to ensure the welfare and get funds to perform better during the growing moon;
  • cleanliness and order in your home - this is one of the prerequisites for success in attracting money.Clean the dirt from the house, throw out all unnecessary things (or give them to someone else), get rid of cracked or broken dishes, bad clothes, disassemble clusters of notes and securities;
  • before the magical ritual tune in to positive emotions, eradicate or suppress the clock in all the negative thoughts, jealousy, or anger;
  • not get to work, if your health is poor.Your attitude - the main condition in deciding "how to attract money."

Equally important is your wallet

Purses are different - from soft suede and leather, all shapes and colors.But they have one function - keeping cash.

If the old wallet torn or just tired of you already, do not rush to buy the new one.Firstly, do not purchase cheap purses made of substandard materials, as they carry the energy of poverty and debt.This product is practically no chance to stay a major bill.Select the most expensive purse, but solidly made and has a compartment for coins, and for paper money.Remember that you spend a decent amount of money some time back and even increase.

color scheme, which is made in a purse, too, plays an important role.Black and brown, yellow and all shades of orange and gold - the colors should prevail in the design of your purse.

Do not store in a purse photos loved ones people.First, the image of people like to "interrupt" the flow of energy wealth.And secondly, the same streams may affect your family through pictures, and sometimes the best possible way.

How to attract wealth?How to attract money using horseradish?

It's very simple!Just put a piece of the root of this plant in the wallet.Horseradish has the ability to collect the money in huge amounts of energy.It can be purchased in the store, but it would be better if you grow it yourself, dig, will wash, dry, and then put a small piece of the purse so that he will not lose.If you are not able to buy or grow horseradish, instead of his wallet can put cinnamon or a sprig of heather.

And do not forget to put bank notes so that they fit in your purse face to one side.

they do not like money?

When you whistle at home, clean up crumbs from the table arm are translated trifle in your wallet, take out the garbage at night from Friday to Saturday, your wallet is empty, just spend the money and keep in one place banknotes of different currencies.

How to attract money into the business with the help of a mascot?

by the sea or ocean find or buy in the store a large white shell.Then put it in the cavity of a coin on it and drip a drop of essential oils of basil, sandalwood and bergamot.Light a candle green and tilt it over the seashell, so that the melted paraffin or wax dripped into it, and it filled the cavity.After the wax hardens, hide the sink with a coin in the place where you do business.This talisman will attract new money and investment.

You can still talk a lot about how to attract money.Yet the main point in this case are your positive attitude and hard work.Good luck!