Cash registers "Mercury": instructions and feedback

crisis of the 1990s, is well remembered by the people of Russia - a drop in production, rampant inflation, unemployment and hopelessness.But even in this difficult time, there were companies that were able to rise to the production of high-tech products.One such example - holding "Incotex."Currently, the company produces a wide range of products - a variety of commercial equipment, tachographs, LED lamps, car alarms and more.But the fame and popularity of the company brought the cash registers "Mercury".

"Incotex" - the market leader in the cash registers

When the company "Incotex" just released its first model - the "Mercury 112", the market has been firmly occupied.From domestic producers was popular Kursk "SCHETMASH" produced adding machines since the 50s.

Company "Pro-yourself" - the same manufacturer with the experience.The older generation will remember the Soviet cash registers "Eye 400".Were popular Korean models Samsung ER-4615 and ER-250 Samsung - a reliable and trouble-free.They can still be found in stores, despite its size and noise.

Description lineup

Cash "Mercury 112", in spite of strong competition, managed to find its niche in the market.A little later came the next development - "Mercury 115".The algorithm works on the new machine is the same, but much reduced dimensions, it is possible to operate from the battery, and allow a new printer print checks on a wider tape.Introduced in 1998, "Mercury 115" was truly the people's insurance fund.Retail outlets in Moscow were 90% is equipped with this device.Checkout was simple to use and reliable as a Kalashnikov rifle, which determined its long life - so far in Russia is the most common cash register.

follow the cash register "Mercury 130K."The main highlight of this model - appearance.The manufacturer has produced a model not only reliable, but also the most comfortable and pleasant appearance.The next model, "Mercury 140" not found wide acceptance.The unit has advanced features, large screen for the buyer, but its price proved too high.

The final cash register line - "Mercury 180K."All the possibilities inherent in the previous model, there have been preserved, in addition, it has a record small size.This cash register fits easily in the palm.It went great entrepreneurs whose business is related to constant traveling.The device can be easily attached to the belt, it is always possible to punch the check.Cash register "Mercury", the price of which is on average lower than its peers, willing to buy, not only in Russia but also in most of the CIS countries.Let us dwell on two of the most successful models - "Mercury 115" and "Mercury 130".

"Mercury 115"

in shape and size, this unit is called - brick by brick.But otherwise "Mercury 115" - the best choice for small retail outlets.For 17 years, the cash register several times improved - instead appeared matrix thermal printer, charger become more compact, adding the ability to work with departments.

Powerful 6-volt battery capacity of 3.2 A / h with a margin enough to work for the entire shift.The rubber keypad protects the board from any liquid inside.In the header and the end of the check can be programmed up to 6 lines of text - in this parameter "Mercury 115" surpasses all other counterparts.

Additionally, you can choose one of eight fonts, so that in addition to the details of the organization in the check fit and advertising information.LED screen cash register, so they will be comfortable to use, even with a lack of lighting.Work with cash register "Mercury" operators is usually straightforward.

"Mercury 130"

"Mercury 130" has extended functionality compared with the "Mercury 115".First of all, it's com-port, through which you can quickly program the cash register.You can connect a barcode scanner or downloaded from a computer database products.The new model has appeared as customer display."Mercury 130" looks like a calculator - a large area and flat.It is allowed to make key large and comfortable.

Circuitry cars remained on the previous model.Compared with "Mercury 115" in the new unit is installed at the battery capacity, the liquid crystal display is used, so for extreme conditions of 115 minutes is preferable.

Features of the cashier

As already mentioned, cash registers "Mercury" are easy to use.The algorithm of the actions described in 4:

  • Switch on, make sure the correct date and time.
  • Log in cash mode (press 3 times key IT).
  • Punch check (enter the price and press PI IT).
  • At the end of the day to remove a removable report (press 2 times 2 times PE and IT).

Practice shows that we should not just show the cashier all the features of the device - it often leads to errors in the work.In addition, the employee is desirable to know the basic mistakes that can occur when using a device such as a cash register "Mercury".Guide 56 provides a description of the error with an indication of actions should they arise.


matter how wonderful the device was, in the process of operation, always identifies deficiencies, flaws and shortcomings in his work.Cash registers "Mercury" - is no exception.Disadvantages are not critical, but read them can not hurt.

  • chiclet keyboard "Mercury 115" is very thin and rough handling tends to break.
  • Chargers in older versions of devices are relatively heavy.When the impact of heavy transformer can damage the circuit board, so treat them should be extremely cautious.
  • tray under the receipt tape in "Mercury 130" has a very small tolerance, so the uneven winding roll, he can get stuck in the slot.When you print a check lines will nalezaet each other.This can be avoided if you install a new roll to check if it is placed freely in the tray.Otherwise, hit with something heavy on the tape end, to align it.
  • Toggle power on "Mercury 130" is located on the front panel.If the store has to sell loose items, the switch often becomes clogged, clean it can only be a specialist TEC.To avoid this, you need to seal with tape switch or close the film.