Constellation - a ... Large constellations.

the world there are enough things, concepts and phenomena that cause admiration.Get at least a starry sky.It is as mysterious as great.Learn more stars began in the VI th. BC.e.Even then, they began to merge into groups.Constellation - is not just a cluster of stars, but also a part of the sky.But where are the stars?There are several legends, lifts the veil on this mystery.

History of stars

many stars, particularly bright and beautiful, received the names.However, none of the scientists and now can not tell where they came from.According to one legend, the stars - are the eyes of boys who escaped into the sky.They caught the bird and ordered her to tie the vine to the most robust tree in heaven.When the bird did everything, the boy began to climb up it.However, it noted their mother and began to ask the children to return.But the sons were deaf to the requests.Then the mother began to climb them to return mischievous child.When the last boy climbed into the sky, he cut off the vine, and the woman had fallen down, turned into animals.Since then the guys have been punished every night to watch their actions from the sky.And the stars - it is their eyes.

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There is another legend that tells of the appearance of stars in the sky.It says that a long time ago not far from the small village is a lake where live mermaids.During the day they swam and frolicked with fish and other marine inhabitants, and at night went to the beach, singing and dancing.Incidentally, the mermaid never had tails.These creatures were no different from ordinary girls.The villagers believed that looking at singing and dancing mermaids can not, so do not go out at night out of the house.But one lad decided to challenge this belief.He went to the lake at night and hid behind a tree.As soon as it got dark, began to emerge from the pond mermaid.They had fun all night, and with the advent of the sun went back to the lake.Suddenly, one of them (the one that came last) noticed the boy.It does not become it to talk about it the rest of her friends, but she wanted to live on earth with people.She decided to go in the morning and look for the village.I went mermaid in the woods all day, but the village did not find.As soon as it started getting dark, she saw lights in the windows of houses, and realized that I was very close to his dream.Understand and that without water it hard to breathe, so to live among people she did not come.From bitterness and resentment mermaid tears and slammed his hands on the water.However, the drop did not fall back into the lake, and climbed into the sky and turned into stars as a symbol of unfulfilled dreams.And each new flyspeck shining in the sky - it is someone's dream that did not come true.

If we talk about scientific hypotheses, they attribute the appearance of stars with compression of gas-dust condensations in molecular clouds.However, no scientist can not explain where are clots in molecular clouds, and why they are compressed.Opinions were divided.Some researchers believe that molecular clouds by the magnetic field, which it has, are held by compression.And in those places where the field begins to weaken and form clots, which are the pre-stellar cores.And what of their opponents?And they say that prestellar core - is the result of accidentally colliding chaotic flows of matter.Neither the first nor the second version does not have sufficient evidence, and therefore it is impossible to say what is the real reason for the star.

Constellation - one of the most exciting spectacles

As already mentioned, the constellation - is a certain group of stars.At the moment, scientists say the existence of 88 such clusters.Let us consider each of them and focus on the most famous.Let's talk about how to look constellation names on everyone's lips.Most of us have often heard and even used in his speech, these names, but not everyone is able to find a certain star clusters in the sky map.This is not surprising, because the night sky dotted with a myriad of twinkling points and assemble them into a particular shape oh how difficult.The constellations are different in form, the number of celestial bodies that they contain, size and age.And probably everyone has a story.The names of the stars and constellations, which we consider as usually associated with legends and folk tales.Some of them we will offer to your attention a little lower, but now a little more theory.


There are large and small constellation.The first group includes the Big Dipper, Hercules, Pegasus, Aquarius, Bootes, Andromeda.The second group - the Southern Cross, Chameleon, Flying Fish, Small Dog, Bird of Paradise.Of course, we called a fraction, the most famous.

map of the sky, astronomers were divided into 2 parts: the north and south (similar to a hemisphere).Thus, the constellation distinguish southern and northern.What are the most famous of them.In the northern sky constellation of great significance.Southern also has always been a landmark for sailors.By the way, the latter is considered the center of our galaxy, and the first - its edge.Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere: Big and Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, the Dragon, Cygnus, Lyra, Bootes, and others. To the south are the Southern Cross, Centaurus, Fly, Altar, South Triangle, and so forth. Map of the night sky is fascinating, and each star cluster is beautifulin its own way.

some "heavenly compasses" shows all 365 days a year, and some can only be seen in a certain period (eg, Hydra, Leo and Ursa Major are clearly visible in April).Therefore, the question of when to observe the constellations, accurately answer can only be as follows: each night.Some clusters of stars to see all fail.For example, the constellations of the southern hemisphere is not always "appear" to residents of northern latitudes.Although the same Lion can be found in the northern hemisphere and spring in the South - in autumn.

constellation Ursa

Constellation, which recognize in the sky, even the children - is the Big Dipper.It is the third largest, and has the shape of the ladle.Anyway, we think so, but this is only apparent visibility.Few people know that the Big Dipper consists of 125 stars.The name of this constellation received its due to its shape.And the appearance of the sky is obliged, according to legend, Zeus.

thunder was once in love with a beautiful Callisto.However, it is frustrating wife of Zeus.In retaliation, she turned an opponent into a bear, which almost killed her son - Hunter Arcas, returned home and saw the wild beast.I prevent this Zeus himself.And he placed Callisto the sky with Arcas and his dog.Now the son has to protect her mother in heaven.Arkas turned into the constellation Bootes, and his dog - is Ursa Minor.Here's an interesting legend.

constellation Ursa is located 70 light-years from Earth.The naked eye can distinguish seven stars, which are the main.It Dubhe, Merak, Gamma Ursae Majoris, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, Benetnash.They form a ladle, which is clearly visible in the night sky.All the stars, except Dubhe - this hot white giants.Dubhe - is orange giant star.

is next to a large and Ursa Minor.The highlight of this constellation is that it includes the North Star - the most famous in the whole sky.It is a supergiant.In addition to the North, the constellation includes kochab, Ferhad, delta, epsilon, zeta, and this Ursa Minor.

Every night you can see in the sky the constellation.Photos Big Bear really looks like the outline of the beast.In order to find the North Star, you need to mentally connect the endpoints of a large bucket and extend this line up.Its length should be approximately 5 lines linking the stars of the Big Dipper.


Another treasure of the starry sky is the constellation Orion.It is one of the largest and most interesting.According to the legend, it is the constellation of Orion the hunter is the personification.He went once to forest Kiferona.However, the day was so hot that all thoughts were occupied only guy looking for a stream of cool water, where he could quench his thirst.Orion Found a creek and nearby saw the wonderful cave sheltered by greenery.When the hunter came closer, I saw it resting Artemis with her nymphs.The goddess of hunting at this time wanted to swim in the lake, and the nymphs who saw Orion cried, having to close his mistress from the eyes of death.However, the angry Artemis and Orion turned into a stag, leaving him with the human mind.He rushed to escape the hunter, and after him, chased his dog.Orion wanted to shout to them that he - their boss, so how can the deer talk?We caught up with him and the dogs tore to shreds.Gods mercy on accident and left the sky as a constellation.Do not forget hounds.

This southern constellation has two main stars - Betelgeuse and Rigel.They are among the brightest in the sky.More interesting, and that apart from the glare of nothing else in common.Rigel - is a hot blue-white star, and Betelgeuse is a red supergiant cold.If we consider the size of celestial bodies, the Betelgeuse is much larger.But her temperature is much lower than that of the Rigel.Therefore, the light emitted by it is not so bright.Present here and gaseous nebulae, which are the ornament of this constellation.Photos of Orion looks very nice.Agree to follow some sort of relationship between the individual stars and combine them into a particular shape, you need to have a powerful imagination.And people have mapped the sky as much as 88 such schemes!

constellation Canis

The appearance of the constellations in the sky associated with the legend of Orion.Since this was a hunter 2 favorite dog constellations in the sky, too, 2 - Big and Small Dog.Briefly look at each of them.

constellation Canis Minor is fairly small.It is decorated with the star Procyon.It is very close to the Sun, and therefore stands in the sky.By their nature, Procyon - a yellowish subgiant.

constellation Canis Major is located in the Southern Hemisphere.Its decoration is a blue-white Sirius.This star can change color from blue to red and is one of the brightest and largest in this constellation.It could almost be considered the brightest in the sky.Very nice and blue hot star Mirza.Its brightness is changed every few hours.Richly this cluster of celestial bodies a lot of galaxies and nebulae.Especially evident in the constellation Canis Montenegro.


His appearance in the sky Swan obliged almighty Zeus.According to legend, once I saw the beautiful Greek supreme god Ledoux.She was the wife of the king of Sparta Tyndareus.But what does this mean in the eyes of Zeus?Leda so he liked that he decided to make her his mistress.Scarecrow its just jealous wife - Hera.Therefore, a meeting with a beautiful woman in the form of thunder flew white swan.And after a while a woman born a son and a daughter.Gods immortalized the image of a swan in the sky as a symbol of the love of Zeus and Leda.

This northern constellation has another name - the Northern Cross.You can find it near Cepheus.Its brightest stars - is Deneb, Sadr, and Albireo.


legends about the constellations state that the Nemean Lion is the prototype of the Lion, who is on the horizon.Once the animal is to instill in people fear and terror.To get rid of him, king Eurystheus asked for help to Hercules.He immediately went in search of the Nemean Lion.He spent the whole day searching for ghosts, but all efforts were in vain.As soon as night fell on the ground, the lion he gave himself a terrifying roar.It does not take long for the hero to get to the lair of the beast.Looking closer, he saw the 2nd exit from the cave in which he lived Nemean Lion.One of the outputs Hercules laid the stones, and he crouched beside the other.When the animal seemed Hercules began to shower him with arrows from a bow.However, they bounced off the skin a monster without causing it any harm.Then the fearless hero rushed to the animal and strangled it.A hit Nemean Lion in the sky thanks to all the same Zeus who wanted to leave people a reminder of the heroism of his son.

northern constellation It really looks like the figure of a lion with a fluffy mane.If you want to find it on a map of the night sky?Then looked down slightly below the hind legs of the Big Dipper.This constellation contains several bright stars.However, the brightest is Regulus.Just potusknee - Denebola and Zosma.


Turning to Greek mythology, the constellation Virgo is a prototype of a fertility goddess Demeter.It was her daughter Persephone, whose father was the almighty Zeus.Persephone was very sweet and loved life.However, Zeus promised to give her in marriage to Hades.As soon as the time came, the god of the underworld Persephone kidnapped and taken away to the kingdom of shadows.Days and nights of tears lila Demeter.In her grief she could not think about anything other than his daughter.They began to fade all plants, and the earth covered the famine.The only salvation for all living things was the return of Persephone to her mother.I asked if Zeus Hades to release the girl.I could not disobey the ruler of darkness.However, before parting forced to swallow the beautiful pomegranate seeds, which is a symbol of the continuity of marriage.Thus, Persephone could not forget her husband.Persephone, Zeus ordered life as follows: 2/3, she was with her mother on Olympus, and 1/3 - from Hades.Seeing daughter, Demeter blossomed with joy, and again turned green field and the birds singing.But as soon as the daughter goes to her husband, sad Demeter, and on the ground it was time for snowstorm.

This constellation can not be attributed to the brightest.However, its dimensions are impressive enough.It is located to the left and below the Lion Bootes and has the shape of a curved quadrilateral.The brightest star in Virgo is Spica.The rest are inferior to her in this respect.The most significant of them - and Porrima Vindemeatriks.


As already mentioned, many names of stars and constellations are connected with ancient myths.Ophiuchus is no exception.This constellation commemorate the healer Asclepius, son of Apollo.Once he saw the snake brought herbs to his girlfriend.So he learned the secrets of healing and could even raise the dead.Zeus was afraid that all mankind will become immortal and kill the healer by lightning.However, he left the place in the starry sky.

This constellation is large enough.Its appearance resembles a polygon with no clear shape.It is located near the Hercules.Ophiuchus contains three bright stars: Rasalhague, Tsebalray and Subic.

Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda and Perseus

There is a legend that ties the whole five constellations.It Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda, Pegasus and Perseus.Once upon a time the king Cepheus rules Ethiopia.He had a beautiful wife, Queen Cassiopeia.In this marriage a daughter, Andromeda, which surpassed even the beauty of his mother.One day the king boasted beauty of his daughter, being surrounded by Nereids.Envied her mythical inhabitant of the sea and complained mighty Poseidon.Lord of the seas afflicted Ethiopia monster whose mouth spewed flames.The only thing that could save the country from destruction - the sacrifice of Andromeda.Then he tied to a rock Cepheus own daughter.However, at this time on Pegasus flew by Perseus.Seeing the girl, he came to grips with the monster and beat him.All the main actors of this legend have been moved to the sky.Since then, adorn the sky star constellation Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda and Perseus.

Pegasus is shaped like a square and contains Alferatz star, which is at Andromeda.Besides it, there are 4 more bright light of heaven.It is Markab, Sheat, algenib and Enif.Andromeda is composed of 3 bright stars: Alferatz, Worlds, Alma.


This southern constellation.Its prototype is the centaur Chiron, who was the son of the god of time Chronos.He was a wise teacher.His pupils were Achilles, Jason and others.One day his friend Hercules has released a random arrow and fatally wounded Chiron.The gods, as a reward for his accomplishments, decided to give the centaur place in the sky as a constellation.

There is not one person who would not admire the stars.Constellation - is something as mysterious and beautiful as.It has its own history and their lives.Unfortunately, we are a little interested in this, so far known to all the beautiful legends about the constellations.Some large and bright constellation, some - a little, but that they have not become less beautiful.