Medal "For the Capture of Berlin": award for freedom

The greatest trial that befell the Soviet Union - its people and its armed forces - the Great Patriotic War.Four years have passed, heavy for all Soviet people before the war ended and was won a complete victory over fascism.

consequences of this war have historical significance and had an impact on the post-war development of all mankind.Soviet forces not only cleared the occupied territory by Nazi troops, but also to assist the people of Europe at the disposal of the German invaders.

situation at the front in May 1945

We must understand that the medal "For the Capture of Berlin" was of great symbolic and historical significance.

By the time ripe for a solution storming of Berlin, Soviet intelligence had reported to the General Headquarters of the start of secret talks between the chief of intelligence of the CIA Allen Dulles and Nazi Germany.

With the participation of Italian and Swiss intermediaries head of the US intelligence Dulles started such negotiations.March 8, 1945 in Zurich he meets with a representative of the German command of SS General Karl Wolff.

Thanks to the actions of Soviet intelligence and the intervention of the Soviet leadership, these negotiations have been thwarted.But before the command of the Soviet troops was a question about the beginning of the preparation for the assault on the German capital - the city of Berlin.

Defensive installations

Command Nazi troops be aware that the fall of Berlin could end Nazi power in Germany.

order to the city to stay as duration, on the lines were built strong defenses.For this purpose were used not only favorable terrain (rivers, lakes, canals), but each building and stone buildings.

challenging obstacle and river crossings have been at the forefront of defense, which took place on the banks of the rivers Oder and Neisse.The width of the river is 250 meters.

City surrounded triple ring of fortifications, and was built in 400 long-term firing points reinforced concrete.The largest of these facilities - six-storey underground bunkers with military units to thousands of fighters.

As part of the Berlin garrison, there were 200 thousand people.

battle for Berlin

Medals World War II were given for large and significant events.

These events are clearly part of military actions of the Soviet Army Group in April-May 1945.

Berlin Sturm group of troops began on April 16 night.Before the advent held powerful artillery and air preparation.And in the light of powerful searchlights Soviet tanks and infantry launched an attack with Kyustrinskogo bridgehead.

Stalin, having intelligence about the intentions of the enemy on the situation in Zurich, April 17 sent an urgent telegram to the Military Council of the front of the urgent need to end this web of lies.To do this, Berlin is to be taken by Soviet troops.

As expected, the fighting was very heavy.Hitler's soldiers fought in the defense of doomed despair.Especially fierce battles were near Seelow Heights.

after combat troops by the April 21 came to Berlin, and by 22 April Soviet troops broke through the streets of Berlin.

by April 25, troops of the Belarusian and Ukrainian fronts joined by closing a ring around Berlin, thereby dividing the enemy into two parts.

Taking Reichstag

All Berlin was already in flames.And in the morning on April 30 began fighting for the capture of the Reichstag, which at that time was a garrison of choice forces of the SS.

After fierce clashes in the Reichstag building at night on May 1 on the front of this huge building was hoisted the Banner of Victory.

But fights warring parts of the city did not stop, only morning of May 2 was asked to surrender the remains of the defenders of the SS in the Reichstag building.

It was at this point in fighting the battles of the turning point, which ended with the complete victory of the Soviet troops.And this we are reminded combat medals.

The project medal

By the time the reward for taking part in the storming of Berlin medal of the Great Patriotic War have been released several times.

In the competition for the appearance of the medal "For the Capture of Berlin", which began on 19/04/1945, at 116 participated sketches.And May 3 were minted the first samples of the metal.

final form of the medal "For the Capture of Berlin" has acquired thanks to a sketch artist AIKuznetsova.Diameter - 32 mm.Material - brass.

on the front side in the center of the coin the inscription "For the capture of Berlin."Below the inscription pattern oak poluvenka, curled ribbon.Above the inscription "For the capture of Berlin" minted five-pointed star.

the reverse side is decorated with text "2 May 1945" under the date and at the bottom - a five-pointed star.

Million characters

Medal "For the Capture of Berlin" was given to the military on the basis of documents which have confirmed participation in the assault and capture of Berlin in the period from 22.04 on 05.02.1945 year.It gave people who we'll owe their lives and freedom.

Over the entire period of postwar life soldiers awarded the medal "For the Capture of Berlin", amounted to more than a million people.And even many years after the end of the war awards continue to find their owners, for the most part of those who at the time of awarding was in the hospital in serious condition.Among

million awarded:

  • sovetstkih pilot ace, three times Hero of the Soviet Union - Alexander Pokryshkin.
  • Soviet commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union - Georgy Zhukov.

And after the death or destruction of the award of such awards medal "For the Capture of Berlin" together with the documents it has remained in the family of the award to be stored in memory of a relative hero.And today the specialists of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation being sought who could not get his medal.