How not to be ashamed of its fullness?

When the screen is constantly flashing slender beauty and inflated macho, could not help comparing myself with them.They forget that the image of their works sometimes an army of experts that their harmony is not always achieved safe for a healthy way.The comparison is not in its favor, as a rule, causes complexes.

example, completeness.Her embarrassed many, and some consider themselves to be full, with quite a normal weight.How not to be ashamed of its fullness?To solve this problem can only be complex.First of all, it is necessary to find out whether there are overweight.There is such a thing as body mass index.Algorithms calculate it based on the terms of height, weight, gender and age.

These algorithms are constantly changing.So, in the early 60-ies the ideal weight girls Height 160 cm should be 56.2 kg, 70 with the weight it would have been considered a plump, as ideally should weigh 52.4 kg.Now the ideal weight would be considered a figure of 53.6 kg.

What this example?To make it clear: the ideal weight - a relative term.Standard - this is what is convenient for you.If the weight is comfortable for you, then it's normal.

Convince yourself that extra weight for you to face, can be relatively easy if a little bit of weight, and they do not hesitate to its fullness, if not one extra kilos and not five?There is a very good definition of what shyness.It is a quality that makes us hide from others our advantages and disadvantages.The most annoying thing about this is that the advantages really go unnoticed, but the disadvantages, on the contrary, stand out.

If a person hesitates to show someone his poems, his talent so no one will know.From the fact that he is shy of its forms, they become less noticeable, but the stiffness in the communication can be regarded as unsociable or pride, and it alienates people.Cheerful, outgoing and sociable person, on the contrary, attracts, no matter what it weighs.Examples of this - weight, you can easily find a positive fat people among their acquaintances.They are not shy of his completeness, but because others are not paying any attention to it.

very important role in the question of how not to be ashamed of its completeness, playing clothes.It is believed that inconspicuous dark colors make a figure slimmer.Thousands of obese women, following this advice, clothe themselves in shapeless robes, and meanwhile, bright and stylish clothes - is the best way to divert attention from lush forms.The same hoodie, but beautiful and fashionable, matched exactly to size, can transform a woman from the dark and fat ladies in sweet pyshechki.

cheerful disposition, kindness, optimism and ability to laugh at their own time to help get rid of the disadvantages of complexes.Disadvantages as dignity, every person.If you can not change the shape, but you will feel healthy and do not let shyness stop you from enjoying life.

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