What is ping, its features

All users are faced with a global network of ping every day, but do not know what the ping, and how it is used on the Internet, why the performance of such a program so important for some users?To get started is to figure out what Ping - is a kind of delay, calculated in milliseconds and shows the data transfer from the user to the server, it can be, respectively, more or less.In the first case, a number of problems, for example with the brakes in the game of modern gamers.After the response of the central server may be too long, so the receiving computer can not display the actual events at the moment.

ping can carry almost any site, ie,check its direct operation at any particular moment.This tool is very useful, because you can always change its view and with a very high lifting - call and talk about this provider to call a specific number and ask to take measures to reduce the magnitude of this number.For these, you can optimize bandwidth PC or stop using programs that use too much bandwidth and slow down the system.

If you delve in greater detail, to the question of what is ping, academically can answer that is a program that runs on the protocol interaction between TCP / IP.When it is sent to a work echo packet (ICMP) on the requested network interface, which is expected to arrive after the echo packet in the same ICMP format.This waiting time is measured, it gives a clear picture of the reaction system, also identify the possible connection.

It is believed that affect ping port and IP-address, because it is from these parts is the end point of the connection (in a different way can be called as a socket).The concept of the port used for network stack to the application layer.

To see ping for a particular resource is required only to go to the command prompt and type the command: "ping server".The last word should be replaced with the website address or the server to which you want to apply.If the user wants to watch all the time for delay, then use the command "ping server -t".Naturally, even those users who have no idea what the ping (and they are many), use it every day, just going to the pages of their favorite online resources.

also has another very convenient way - tracing.The command is similar to working with the utility ping, but the difference lies in the fact that it displays to the console is not only a time delay, and a list of servers that are on the way to a desired source.For that a "tracert server", where the last word, of course, is replaced with the address.

Advanced users are well aware that such a ping, and no wonder.This tool is very useful for those who actively use the Internet, and those in the vast majority of our time.Utility Ping can detect the failed connection and specifically show it in numbers.If the latter is missing, it means that the requested address is currently not active at all.