DWG-file extension: what can be opened?

Most users DWG-file extension is puzzling.Non-standard format that it is unclear what to open.And the answer is not so difficult.This format is developed and retains much of the design documentation, which is being developed by a world-famous package of this class - "AUTOCAD".This CAD is ideal for a wide range of tasks, which makes its widespread use.But apart from this complex, there are other programs that can open these files.The first is to provide a variety of browsers, such as "Illustrator" from the "Adobe".Among domestic assets of this class can be distinguished development company "Ascon" called "Compass."For him also, in principle, DWG-extension is "native."

main product

first CAD, which started to work with the file extension in the operating systems Windows, was "AUTOCAD".The ability to develop all the drawings: from the humble 2D scans and ending with 3D assemblies - has led to the fact that this system is considered as one of the most popular in the world today.But this solution is well suited for engineers and designers.Those who work with documents created in this way, found themselves in a not very good position.Buy separately licensed by "Autodesk" did not make sense.There was 2 solutions.Or request paper copies (also inconvenient solution - a lot of drawings on a large format hard to handle and deal with them).But the second option was eventually practical implementation.This German software developer has released a free program to view such documents - "Trueview".It can also handle files that have DWG-extension.


Many third-party developers have tried to create an analogue of the free utilities from the German company.At the same time, those who have greater functionality than Trueview, even trying to sell their development.Such a decision is justified.As an example, the following programs:

  • "DraftSight";
  • "nanoCAD";
  • "Illustrator".

They all have one thing in common - an attempt to provide greater functionality to the user than it is in the initial product.With their help, you can open the file, whose DWG-extension.What to choose - depends on personal preferences of the final user.

domestic counterparts

All shown earlier software is not Russian.Also it is not optimized for our guests.In this regard, the company was a logical decision "Ascon" release program in this class, that would been Russified and contained domestic standards.It is called "Compass" and the file extension DWG able to handle.There are 2 versions of the program.One of them - this is an ordinary viewer "Compass Viewer".The second - "3D Compass".With it, you can even edit such documents and save changes to them.True, they are converted, and unearth them with a German software already then impossible.


This material answers the question: "The file extension DWG: you open?" It is important to understand that this is a highly specialized electronic document.His edit or view is possible only with the help of special programs.The spectrum of such software quite wide, but it can be divided into 2 types: viewer and editor.Depending on your query and you can select the appropriate program.